HUAWEI users make complaints about 6G storage, and fruit powder: I can fight 8P for two or three years.

With the gradual improvement of the hardware index of Android camp and the popular science of major manufacturers, Yuncun is also well known by the majority of users, and has become a hot topic of discussion among all circle friends. The size of the storage plays a very important role in the fluency of a mobile phone, which must be well known to all netizens. But can this storage be used as an assessment point for purchasing a mobile phone? This controversy has never stopped, and there is no final conclusion. It is important to say that in the upcoming iPhone 12 series, even the Super Cup iPhone 12 Pro Max is only 4GB. Let’s say it’s not important. The Android camp’s 4G storage has long been a product of history. < / P > < p > although as the top configuration flagship with a price of more than 10000, it has only developed to 4G echelon, which has caused a lot of public opinion in the industry, but the public opinion is only maintained for a short period of time, and the discussion is silent, and finally it returns to the endurance. Obviously, the storage size is not important on the iPhone, but it is very important in the Android camp. Why? Recently, mobile phone users make complaints about HUAWEI’s 6GB mobile phone.

‘s voice like Tucao can be seen repeatedly. This situation is not only HUAWEI’s, but even the system optimization of millet users are often make complaints about this problem. < / P > < p > unlike the Android camp, there is an old brother in the fruit powder camp who says he is very sad. Why? It’s very simple. The iPhone 12 will be released soon, and the 8p in my hand can still fight for two or three years because I don’t feel much about the use of the mobile phone. I can’t find any reason to change the iPhone 12. According to Morgan Stanley, at present, the proportion of iPhone users with more than two years of launch in China accounts for more than 68%, an increase of 8% compared with last year, and an increase of more than 20% compared with 2017, according to Morgan Stanley. Combined with Apple’s sales in the Chinese market, overall, the number of users holding old models of equipment is indeed quite large. Xiaobian observed the surrounding groups and found that there were still many people still using the iPhone 7 series and even the iPhone 6S series. < / P > < p > the comparison of the results is obvious. Android camp has been piling up a series of parameters, such as storage, and so on, while Apple has not been affected by the stagnation brought by the operation and storage. There are even apple powder to ridicule apple, said: after Apple closed down, absolutely because the quality of the things produced by their own home is too hard. It is not difficult to see that the Android camp and the apple camp are completely polarized. It is needless to say much about Apple. Because of the closeness of its IOS system and the strong strength of its hardware, it can almost ignore the problem of storage. < / P > < p > although Xiaomi and Huawei have become the representative enterprises in the domestic industry, they are very comfortable to make money in bed. We can compare them. Although they stack the hardware parameters beautifully and strongly, it is also the result of competition and striving for more market share and sales volume. In the product optimization above the attention has never been focused, this is not Xiaobian not optimistic about domestic brands. First of all, we need to know that if Apple mobile phone relies on hardware and IOS system alone, it is impossible for a mobile phone to use for several years without card. The reason why it can achieve this is closely related to Apple’s after-sales update strategy. As mentioned above, at present, the proportion of Chinese Apple users who have launched iPhones for two years is slightly higher than 68%, so what does apple do at this time? In order to take care of the user experience of these users, let the IOS update strategy continue to support these old devices. What about the Android camp? After a year or two, we rarely see major manufacturers pushing update services. < / P > < p > this little editor is definitely on Apple’s side, not on the other side of the company. Before Apple launched the iPhone, Steve Jobs, the boss of apple, put forward the concept of “Humanities and technology”. Subsequently, they put forward products that attach great importance to the use experience, and do not pursue the value of hardware parameters, but pay more attention to the places that users pay attention to, and then make corresponding improvement and improvement improvement. What about the Android camp? Blindly pursue hardware parameters, such as the recently popular high refresh rate screen. Xiaobian does not deny that the high refresh rate screen does bring visual impact. However, we should know that if the Android Camp wants to make full use of this screen, it needs not only the application’s individual adaptation, but also the support of higher hardware. So although we can see the existence of high refresh rate screen on 2000 or so models, the effect that it can actually play is not satisfactory. < / P > < p > maybe you don’t understand what the concept of jobs means, so Xiaobian will make a statement with his own understanding: technology is the means, and humanity is the end result. Only by combining technology with humanity can we create great products. Presumably, we can see from the current situation of Android camp that the manufacturers in the Android camp have only achieved that technology is a means. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”