Huawei wants to develop 5nm lithography machine in the next two years? At this stage, we can only live in our dreams

Recently, Huawei has suffered unprecedented difficulties. After upgrading, TSMC, Huawei’s chip manufacturer, has been unable to provide OEM services for Huawei. TSMC has indicated that it will not produce chips for Huawei after September 14. Under such circumstances, Huawei has no chip design drawings and can not produce them. < p > < p > TSMC is unable to produce, and SMIC, Samsung and Intel are even more unlikely to contract for Huawei. In a word, none of these OEM enterprises can produce high-end chips for Huawei. Therefore, Huawei’s chips are in deep trouble. A technology enterprise can’t do without chips. As a result, many people feel that Huawei wants to adopt IDM mode, that is, to build its own chip production line. Naturally, this is also a possible road for Huawei at this stage. Recently, there are also news media reports that Huawei has already begun to dig its way into various semiconductor enterprises. If you want to make chips by yourself, you must first have a photolithography machine. Huawei will complete the product research and development of 5nm lithography machine in two years, to get rid of the technology ban of European and American countries. In fact, this information is still very surprising. If we can develop our own 5nm lithography machine, it will be a great development not only for Huawei, but also for the whole chip industry chain in China. However, I don’t think this information is very reliable. Some netizens have also indicated that Huawei can’t come up with this information for 20 years, not to mention two years. Naturally, we also expect Huawei to develop its own 5nm lithography machine within two years. But don’t say it’s 2 years. It’s unbelievable to finish it in five years. < / P > < p > at this stage, the world’s top lithography machine is indeed 5nm lithography machine, and 3nm has already been under research and development, but China’s standard still remains at 28nm. All the top-level lithography machines are originated from ASML, and it is also the only enterprise in the world that has mastered the lithography technology above 7Nm. It has more than 80% market share in the lithography industry. Samsung, TSMC and Intel are all from it. SMIC is also preparing to purchase its 7Nm lithography technology, but it has been stuck and has been delayed in delivery. < / P > < p > naturally joining Huawei can be developed in two years, which is also very happy. However, to create a detailed chip processing plant requires a large amount of assets, and even will continue to have many problems. Lithography is just a part of chip production, and naturally it is a more critical part. For example, the price of a 7Nm lithography machine is US $120 million, and the cost of building a 7Nm production line is nearly $1 billion, and the cost of building a detailed chip processing plant is less than $10 billion. This is only 7Nm. What about 5nm? In fact, the research of lithography machine should not only rely on one company, it is not practical. Even the best ASML at this stage is actually the result of the cooperation of dozens, thousands and even countless companies in the United States. Therefore, it is difficult for Huawei to complete this task. Although this road is very difficult, Huawei has no choice but to go and Huawei must go. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine