Huawei’s 90hz is barely even with 60Hz? IPhone 11 Pro explains that high brush is just a gimmick

Is the high brush fragrant? This topic I think whether in the digital circle or outside the circle of digital white have a certain understanding. Since the release of Huawei’s P40 series, high refresh rate screen has gradually entered the “mate selection” standard of netizens. After 2020, the flagship standard high refresh rate screen has become a new selling point of major manufacturers. However, the problem arises. Is it important to brush high? After all, phones with high brushes don’t seem cheap. However, in my personal eyes, most of the high brushes carried by domestic brands contain the meaning of “gimmick”. < / P > < p > when Xiaobian and his circle friends argued to the point of breaking up because of high brush, I saw such a comparative video. After that, I firmly believe that the so-called high brush for domestic brands, gimmicks far outweigh the actual experience, more directly said that the user hand is really not very obvious difference. In this video, the blogger compares Huawei p40pro with iPhone 11pro, and Huawei p40pro turns on 90hz. Originally, I thought I would see Huawei p40pro bring me amazing visual effects, but the final result is still in my expectation. < p > < p > there is no suspense. Although Huawei’s p40pro supports a high refresh rate of 90hz, it is surprised to find that there is no change after entering the game. And the iPhone 11pro is not only the screen display is fine enough, fluency, regardless of the network delay factor, it is called smooth as silk. And even if our daily use of very high frequency of software in the open effect is still not much different from the iPhone 11 pro, or even worse than the iPhone 11 pro. That is to say, the 90hz of Huawei’s p40pro is unfortunately put into the cold palace of “gimmicks”. After all, the refresh rate of iPhone 11pro is only 60Hz. < / P > < p > are you curious why 90 doesn’t feel as good as 60? In fact, the main reason why the iPhone 11pro is so bold in fluency is that Apple’s “software and hardware combination” is perfect. I often see many netizens despise and despise apple, but this place is something you can’t deny and have to admit. Some people may still insist that Huawei’s p40pro hardware strength surpasses Apple’s, such as camera and memory capacity. I don’t deny this. On the one hand, these are the main propaganda of Huawei, but please remember that when making products, businesses will not put their own problems on the table or even say so. < / P > < p > and the problem behind this product, I think you should also understand, that is, the lack of software advantages. Different from apple, Huawei and even other domestic brands are still competing in terms of hardware up to now, while Apple has already promoted both sides to the top of the industry with two pronged efforts. Let’s take a netizen’s comment when I was browsing the website for example: Lamborghini is equipped with a tractor engine. Although the appearance has been made, you can never get rid of the noise of the tractor. Although this netizen’s comment is very obscure, but this is exactly Huawei and other domestic camp brand’s malady. < p > < p > Hardware strength is important because it is the basis for running all software, and software strength is equally important. Compared with IOS system, the software ecology on Android side is still in a mess. Even if the major manufacturers have made deep customization for Android and have their own independent software stores, they lack the control ability of apple, so the performance is extremely limited. Although it is equipped with a high refresh rate screen, it is high due to Android’s fragmentation mechanism and application confusion The optimization of refresh rate is not perfect, although in some specific applications, we can feel that the animation is really much faster, but on the contrary, the phenomenon of frame dropping is also very serious. So, as mentioned above, Lamborghini is useless without a good engine. Apple has used its strength to explain the advantages of software and hardware combination, so it is not surprising that Huawei’s p40pro90hz high brush can’t beat the iPhone 11pro60. Even the recently released 120Hz high brush of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative version has overturned in comparison with a well-known digital blogger. The refresh rate is twice higher than that of the iPhone 11, and is barely even with the iPhone 11. < / P > < p > the most important thing is that this simple test compares some of the system’s own and the third-party small applications that you often use. With the help of 120Hz refresh rate, various system animations of the supreme version of Xiaomi 10 and the animations of open applications can be seen to be basically flat on iPhone 11. I think these living examples can prove my case Did you say that? < / P > < p > conclusion: at present, the high refresh rate screen has become the standard configuration of flagship mobile phones, but how to choose it depends on your own opinions. I personally think that Huawei or Xiaomi are right to pursue the power of hardware, but if you don’t pay attention to the software, I think even if you carry a 2000Hz high refresh rate screen, it will only become a gimmick. 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