Huawei’s first commercial PC comes. These “black technologies” make PC office more intelligent

On December 8, 2020, Huawei released its first commercial desktop computer, Huawei matestation b515, which is another heavyweight product in the field of commercial PC after Huawei launched Huawei matebook B series notebook in August this year, and is an important step in the layout of Huawei’s commercial PC field. Huawei hopes to bring innovation and value to the field of commercial PC. < p > < p > from Huawei’s flagship notebook Huawei matebook x, which boosts the “third generation of mobile office”, to Huawei matestation b515, a smart and high-performance desktop computer tailored for government and enterprise customers, Huawei has made dual efforts in the field of consumer PC and commercial PC, and is committed to providing more users with high-quality intelligent PC products and new smart office experience. As a personal computing tool, PC plays a role in human digital life after half a century of development. Its performance, morphology, use scenarios and ecology have also undergone many transformations and changes. From the traditional PC with large volume, large size and weak performance, to the modern PC era, the performance and morphology have been improved qualitatively. However, over the years, PC products on the market have experienced several rounds of upgrading and have encountered development bottlenecks – there are few significant breakthroughs in design, performance, experience, etc. The demand and motivation of users to change aircraft are weakened. Moreover, with the trend of office mobility and fragmentation, the weakness of desktop computers that can’t be moved and data sharing is inconvenient has been further expanded, even falling into the data “island”. Desktop computer shipment continued to decline, the overall market downturn. However, at the same time, opportunities for change are brewing in this seemingly silent downward market. According to the data, there are about 28.5 million sets of demand space in China’s commercial PC market every year, of which desktop computers account for more than 70%. The vast market space is full of possibilities. In addition, according to IDC, with the digital transformation of enterprises, future work will be carried out in three directions: “future work culture”, “future workspace” and “future labor force”. In the future, the positioning of commercial PC in the enterprise will also change: the commercial PC needs to have the function of connection and collaboration and more intelligent, in order to break the restrictions of region and platform, and realize the office experience of efficient interaction and immersive anytime and anywhere. At the same time, commercial PC should also have unique business boutique design to meet the new generation of digital native enterprises with a more fashionable appearance Cultural appeal. Huawei has insight into the development bottleneck of the desktop industry and the new demands derived from it. It expects to drive development with innovation again, give full play to its technical advantages in full scene connection, endow desktop with intelligent features, and continuously promote industrial upgrading and reform. < p > < p > since entering the PC field, Huawei has always adhered to its original intention, adhering to the aesthetic design, innovative technology, and intelligent experience DNA. It has carefully controlled every step of product design and manufacturing, and adhered to the high-quality standards of matebook series, so as to bring consumers more high-quality products. From the release of Huawei’s first full screen notebook, the innovative launch of fingerprint power key, and the development of multi screen collaboration, Huawei took the lead in breaking down the barriers of windows and Android systems. In just over four years, Huawei has made great achievements and public praise in the field of consumer PC, and has taken the lead in proposing the “third generation mobile office” to promote the intelligent transformation of consumer notebook market. Facing the brand-new commercial PC market, Huawei hopes to continue to make breakthroughs by continuously copying the successful experience of the “boutique strategy”, so as to bring business efficiency innovation to more government and enterprise big customers, and let the trend of intelligent PC cover more user circles. < / P > < p > the new commercial desktop computer Huawei matestation b515 injects three DNA into the product, namely “business boutique design, innovative security technology and reliable intelligent experience”, which further brings users a full scene intelligent office experience of cross device senseless connection, natural human-computer interaction and seamless information flow. < / P > < p > first of all, in terms of business design, the screen frame of Huawei matestation b515 adopts the integrated design of three micro edges, which brings greater visual experience. Adhering to the Oriental order aesthetics, the chassis adopts the new Chinese grille element panel as a whole, which is high-end and elegant. It saves 2 / 3 of the space compared with the traditional desktop computer body, and directly strikes at the pain points of the narrow, crowded and messy desk, which helps to improve the cleanliness of the office environment. < / P > < p > in terms of security and reliability that government and enterprise users pay special attention to, Huawei mate station b515 adds code for information security through the careful cooperation of software and hardware. The multi screen collaboration scheme can be customized according to the security requirements of customers, which can not only experience the convenience of Intelligent Collaborative Office, but also ensure the safe sharing of data. There are also high-end fingerprint keyboard unlocking and other technical support to make office intelligent, efficient, stable and safe. In terms of reliable intelligent experience, Huawei mate station b515 focuses on solving the contradiction between inconvenient sharing of traditional office data and “isolated island” of desktop data. With the black technology of “Huawei sharing, multi screen collaboration” and “Huawei cloud space, cloud management, multi terminal”, Huawei innovated the traditional file transmission mode with mobile phones on the commercial desktop for the first time, which solved the pain points of inconvenient connection, hard to find files, slow transmission and limited transmission size, which intuitively reflected the value of intelligent productivity. In the process of digital information construction, digital transformation has become the only way for traditional enterprises to grow. In this process, the government and enterprises put forward new requirements for the efficiency, convenience, quality and service of commercial PC, an important production tool. Huawei mate station b515, a new intelligent and high-performance productivity tool, aims to provide customers with a smart, safe and stable new office experience and help enterprises with digital transformation. < / P > < p > high efficiency is the core element of enterprise digital transformation and productivity improvement. Matestation b515 adopts a new generation of 8-core 7Nm amd sharp dragon processor to make data processing more efficient. With built-in radon graphics, it can help users easily deal with many deep image processing scenarios, escort enterprise users, and meet the needs of a variety of heavy office and professional office scenes. < / P > < p > in heavy office and professional office, the computer is often buzzing, and the problem behind it is the poor performance of the cooling system. Matestation b515 is equipped with an efficient silent cooling system and an intelligent temperature control system, which can automatically adjust the wind speed with the change of device temperature. The silent fan and Canyon type air duct design can quickly cool down the internal components and help the processor to play a stronger performance. Excellent cooling system is undoubtedly the power of efficiency. < p > < p > Huawei understands the trend, advocates aesthetic technology, and integrates innovative design into PC. Matestation b515 inherits Huawei PC’s unique comprehensive screen aesthetic gene, upgrading the screen size of traditional commercial desktop from 19.5-21.5 inches to 23.8-inch high-definition eye protection screen, up to 90% It can not only improve the efficiency of all kinds of software, but also improve the efficiency of software management. In the era of smart PC, smart experience is the soul. NFC is built into the matestation b515 keyboard. The mobile phone can connect to the computer by touching the shift key area on the right side of the keyboard, and the file can be transferred without data cable. The greater highlight of the keyboard is the combination of the fingerprint power on key, so that users no longer have to bend down and touch the power button of the chassis blindly, and they can unlock the fingerprint security with one touch. For users in the financial industry who are extremely sensitive to data security, this design is more comfortable. < / P > < p > after entering the era of education informatization 2.0, the model of chalk and blackboard has become the past, and PC takes on a more important role. Among them, multi courseware docking is a new requirement for computer interface. For this reason, matestation b515 is equipped with a stronger interface and a front-end mainstream usb-c interface. It supports 9V / 2A mobile phone fast charging when it is on. It has RJ45, USB, HDMI, VGA serial ports, and 2×2 dual antenna WiFi and Bluetooth bt5.0. It can directly connect to WiFi without network cable. Rich, practical and powerful interfaces provide more possibilities for the digital transformation of government and enterprise users, including education. Wang Yinfeng, President of tablet and PC product line, said, “we are full of confidence in the market performance of matestation b515 commercial desktop. PC is an important part of Huawei’s full scene ecological experience, and desktop computer is an indispensable part of the PC field. Just as it entered the notebook business at the beginning, Huawei will continue to take innovation as its mission and pursue high-quality products as its pursuit to create a series of desktop products to bring high-quality products and innovative experience to customers. In the future, Huawei will continue to create commercial PC products that drive enterprise innovation, provide scenario based solutions based on customer business needs, seize the historical opportunity of digitalization and intellectualization of the industry, build win-win situation with customers, and jointly stride into a smart business world. ” Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!