Huawei’s last chip? Kirin 9000 arrived on September 3 and is expected to become the first in the world

This year, in addition to the pressure from 5g and technology licensing, Huawei has encountered unprecedented difficulties in the chip field. As a result of the launch of the new sanctions scheme in the United States, no OEM enterprises are cooperating with Huawei in chip manufacturing. Because the new plan stipulates that “all manufacturers using US technology must obtain U.S. license to cooperate with Huawei”, it is obvious that they will not easily license relevant cooperation. < p > < p > under this premise, TSMC and SMIC disclosed that they might cut off the supply to Huawei, among which SMIC was controversial because in the eyes of many Chinese, as an enterprise claiming to realize independent chip production, it finally chose to deviate from Huawei, which was hard to accept for a moment. But in fact, this is also a last resort. China is seriously backward in the field of chip manufacturing, and many technologies come from American enterprises, so it will be bound by relevant constraints until independent production is fully realized. < p > < p > Huawei was also caught off guard by sanctions on the chip supply chain. Although it mastered the chip self-development technology, it was still useless to have no factory OEM. For this reason, Yu Chengdong had no choice but to disclose that Kirin 9000 may become out of print Kirin chips. In the latest news, the Kirin 9000 will be released on September 3. Although it may be the last one, it still hasn’t given up improving its performance and is expected to become the first in the world. < p > < p > Kirin 9000 adopts TSMC’s latest 5nm manufacturing process, which is more conducive to performance improvement than 7Nm chip process. In addition, it is reported that it will use A78 architecture instead of the previous a77 architecture, and even some media have disclosed that it will use g78 architecture. If so, the basic performance flow of the chip will be greatly improved. It is very important that Kirin’s flagship chip has always been on par with that of snapdragon’s flagship. Once the chip architecture and process are dominant, it will probably become the strongest chip this year. However, due to the number of Kirin 9000 chips, all mate40 may not be able to use this chip. It is expected that the mate40 will be able to carry other chip versions in the future. After all, the chip inventory is limited, and it will be used up one day. It is reported that mate 40 will follow the mate30 design style, such as the round lens design, the difference is not to use the bangs screen, but to choose the hole digging design. < / P > < p > according to past experience, Huawei mate40 will not only refresh the DxO list again, but also improve the quality of its flagship aircraft. Of course, higher prices will follow. In fact, if only from the price point of view, the domestic top flagship mobile phone has been able to keep the same level with the iPhone. If the iPhone is not lack of design style and other aspects, the high-end machine market competition will be more intense. However, although mate40 may become the “last” mobile phone equipped with Kirin chip, it is believed that it is only a temporary situation. With the gradual breakthrough of chip OEM technology in China, it is not impossible for the chip to be completely independent. Finally, the performance of Kirin 9000 will directly challenge the number one in the world. Unfortunately, it will become the best performance in the world. What do you want to say about this? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine