Huawei’s mobile phone with a few megapixels is only $2199 million!

Taking photos is a major function that mobile phones have been compatible with for a long time. In the era of function machines before the era of smart phones, almost all mainstream mobile phones have been equipped with cameras. The camera on the mobile phone has recorded the life of countless users in recent years. Now the hardware performance level of mobile phones is gradually improving. Many users who love to take pictures like phones with higher pixels and more beautiful pictures. Huawei’s maimang 9, with 6400w pixels, Huawei’s exclusive shooting optimization algorithm and the price of only 2199 yuan, has become a correct choice. < p > < p > the shooting performance of maimang 9 is very commendable. The specific camera module parameters are “64 million f / 1.89 aperture main lens, 2 million pixel f / 2.4 aperture depth of field lens, 8 million pixel f / 2.2 aperture 120 ° ultra wide angle lens”. Compared with glory X10, maimang 9 does not use ryyb lens technology to improve the light input, but maimang 9 has ultra-high ISO, which still brings a lot of light input and can achieve excellent night shooting effect. Compared with the 4000W main camera of glory X10, the 6400w main camera element of maimang 9 is much higher. < p > < p > shooting in low brightness environment tests the comprehensive effect of mobile phone camera. Mai mang 9 adopts AI shooting algorithm exclusively adjusted by Huawei. In low brightness environment, it can effectively reduce noise and improve the brightness of capture lens, so that excellent night scene shooting is no longer the exclusive function of the flagship. Huawei has also carried out a special optimization of the shooting system for maimang 9. The built-in intelligent AI system takes common shooting targets such as portraits, landscapes, pets and flowers as the core, and combines the shooting algorithm with the shutter priority / delay algorithm to automatically identify the moment that should be saved, and instantly freeze the picture, so that time can be sealed in the photo, and the dynamic will be solidified in the static photo, so that the user can enjoy it All of them applauded. < / P > < p > in addition to excellent shooting performance, other hardware levels of Huawei maimang 9 are also good. The 6.8-inch pole full-scale screen is not only grand enough, but also has a very high appearance, bringing users a large handheld screen experience. It is very suitable for users who like to watch videos. After all, the bigger the screen, the more shocking the visual impression. This is for sure. < p > < p > in terms of processor, the Tianji 800 produced by MediaTek is selected, which is not Huawei’s own Hisilicon series processor. However, the performance of this Tianji 800 processor is not inferior to that of Kirin 820. It is easy to run king glory at high frame, but it may not perform as well in high frame operation and elite. 4300mah high-capacity battery also brings long-term endurance for this model. Generally speaking, this model can meet the needs of most users. However, its main disadvantage is that the screen does not support high refresh rate, which is still the traditional 60Hz refresh rate screen. If your eyes have been “spoiled” by high-speed screen swiping, you should adapt to the traditional screen of 60Hz. What’s more, it’s a pity that Huawei’s Kirin 820 is not equipped. This processor is the most stable and strongest processor in the middle end of this year, which is better than Tianji 800 carried by maimang 9. New product launch