Huawei’s mobile phones have changed from prosperity to decline. P40 is the evidence!

Throughout the global mobile phone market, the rise of domestic brands is very rapid, which makes users in the global market sigh for it, and even some of the industry giant brands quit the stage early under the impact of domestic brands. In addition to the two giants, apple and Samsung, which remain in the front echelon in both domestic and overseas markets, the rest are Xiaomi, Huawei and oppo that have successfully defeated other brands with price advantage. < / P > < p > and the fact that the three major brands can break through the tight encirclement in the overseas market and occupy a place is indeed a matter of great pride to the Chinese people, especially Huawei. Not only in China for a long time to occupy the throne of sales champion, market share is to beat apple to become a “real” national brand. Especially in the disaster prone year of 2020, not only in the face of the off-season sales caused by the outbreak of the epidemic, but also by the United States sanctions and other negative factors in the world for unknown reasons, it still achieved a sales volume that surpassed Samsung and became the world’s first. In the outside world, people attribute Huawei’s success in the fierce competition and harsh environment to the innovation of technology and products. They think that Huawei is an innovative and enterprising enterprise. In fact, in my opinion, this is just a reflection of prosperity and decline. Of course, I am not without basis for saying this. Of course, I don’t deny Huawei’s achievements in the field of communication, but in mobile phones, it’s true and not true. Take Huawei’s P40 series released in March this year as an example. At that time, Huawei P40 was officially launched in China at the starting price of 4188. With its so-called first-class hardware configuration and its main shooting ability, it can be said that the sales volume and popularity soared after it was put on sale, and it once occupied the popular model exhibition boards of major platforms. However, the so-called “hot” P40 did not stay for a long time, and the “highly praised” Huawei P40 suddenly came out Even the sales of Apple’s new iPhone 2020 this year are stabilizing Huawei’s P40. < / P > < p > in fact, I expected the end of the day when Huawei began to wrestle with mobile phones. First of all, we need to popularize science here. At present, there are very few high-end and even middle end models sold by Huawei. What really goes is the independent models of rongyaoqian. Because we look at the sales volume released by Huawei over the years, we can see that it has not been independent. How much has glory sold? And what is the sales volume of M / P series that Huawei’s main company focuses on? This seems to have never been made public. Then we return to the subject. Why did I say that the prosperity will decline? Please let me analyze it from the following points: < / P > < p > new models come into the market. Although the price reduction of old models is a common method used by large manufacturers, why does apple and Samsung reduce the price of its products? Why is its product priority always ahead of you? The reason is simple: Huawei has not built its own brand value through its products. No matter whether you agree or not, Huawei and other domestic brands have made a common mistake, that is “cost performance”! If the price of mobile phone is the standard for users to buy mobile phones in the early stage of the development of the mobile phone industry, then we need to add some configuration requirements on the basis of the price. This is what we often call cost performance. To achieve the highest configuration of hardware within a limited range of funds is a change in the attitude of users. Huawei has also grasped this point and understood it, but it has carried out the wrong action. “Buy new, don’t buy old.” I think I’ve been to Huawei’s experience store or direct sales store, and I’ve told you more or less? < / P > < p > I used the words I can think of to describe its value, and then I launched a new one. How can I say to make the new model look more cost-effective than the previous one? I always read a lot of books and have a word shortage, so I finally come to a truth of “buy new, not buy old”. This truth is completely transmitted to customers through products, marketing and activities. A colleague of mine described it very well: the allusion of “fickleness” is very suitable for Huawei now. < / P > < p > if it is estimated that any enterprise can survive without marketing, even apple, the industry leader with more than one trillion cash reserves, can not do without advertising, but its frequency of delivery is not as diligent as that of Huawei. So it’s no good just to be able to do it or not to say it. So marketing is a must for every enterprise. We recall that Huawei always excels in advertising strategy compared with its domestic counterparts. It can always catch the hot spots and bring a big wave of exposure. Huawei’s P40 is a successful example, but it has failed to resist a wave of iPhone 11 price cuts. < / P > < p > how many months has the iPhone 11 been the best-selling single product champion? Let’s not mention it. P40 press conference executives went to various highlights, all kinds of crush friends, all kinds of world’s first, all kinds of black technology, but is this useful? Obviously not. In the off-season due to the epidemic situation at the beginning of the year, major manufacturers tried their best to drive sales. All kinds of promotional offers do not say, just kneel down to ask you to place an order. What about apple? It is very direct and violent. During the period of 1000618, various preferential purchase modes, such as interest free installment purchase, old for new, etc., were launched. This strategy is right to the point, what is the consumer most concerned about? Apple knows, but Huawei doesn’t understand. It still thinks that what I care about is what consumers care about. < / P > < p > if you order a Lamborghini now, it may take three or four years to wait, but you will find that there are a lot of orders for Lamborghini. If you change to four laps, you don’t have this effect. Why? It’s very simple. The strategy of rarity always keeps consumers’ desire to buy. What about the four circles? There’s plenty on the street, right? It’s the same with mobile phones. Huawei just happens to be focusing on Jihai tactics. In addition, the glorious dolly model has already challenged consumers’ desire to buy. When consumers’ purchase desire reaches a critical point, what means do you have to mobilize them? What’s more, the homogeneity of mobile phone hardware is becoming more and more serious. Even apple, which has always paid attention to design, has shifted its focus to software services. What can Huawei do to change this fact? After the impact of the so-called highlights of major manufacturers, users no longer pursue new models, but start to shift the focus of user experience, and the frequency of phone change has gradually declined. This trend change is in line with the current definition of Apple mobile phone. What about Huawei mobile phone? On the contrary, in addition to the P40 series of big cups, the gap between super large cups is either small or castrated seriously < / P > < p > conclusion: my attitude towards Huawei has always been regular, and it’s not suitable for Huawei to be a mobile phone. Moreover, all kinds of signs show that even if there is no such thing as international relations, Huawei will enter a dilemma in the future. The first factor is the market. Even if you never get tired of eating something, people who never tire of seeing it will eventually get tired of it. Huawei has already exhausted all these in advance. As the saying goes, it is difficult to interest a beautiful woman when she sees a beautiful woman again. It’s also true for mobile phones. Whenever a new machine releases various ways to create bright spots, if you see too many highlights, you will naturally get tired of it. 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Author: zmhuaxia