HUAWEI’s new aircraft is on the rack, 5000mAh battery +128GB sells less than 2000, and netizens make complaints about the one.

In the second half of the year, Huawei mate 40 series is definitely a heavyweight product and one of the most concerned mobile phone products for consumers. But for most consumers, the price range of 2000 yuan is actually the final choice. HUAWEI mobile phone market make frequent layout in the mid end market recently. For example, HUAWEI recently released 20 mobile phones, which have 5000mAh super battery, 7Nm advanced processor and 128GB’s super memory. The 6+128GB version sells for 1899 yuan, but eventually it brings users to Tucao, what make complaints about it? < / P > < p > first of all, in terms of the appearance design of the whole machine, a 6.6-inch LCD water drop screen is adopted in the front, and the width control of forehead and chin is relatively common. There are 3 gradation colors besides the black side. But the need for Tucao is that every generation of Mate and P series are classic designs of a generation, and even make complaints about fashion. However, the Changxiang 20 is designed with a square three camera module in the upper left corner, combined with green color, which is similar to the iPhone 11 pro. < p > < p > let’s talk about the core performance. Huawei Changxiang 20 uses the 7Nm Tianji 720 chip of MediaTek. The overall performance of this chip is inferior to Kirin 820, even Tianji 800 and snapdragon 765G. If it is put at the level of about 2000 yuan, it is not competitive enough. However, this machine is equipped with 5000mAh super large battery, the weight of the whole machine is controlled at about 188 grams, which is a big bright spot, but it still only has 10W power, which is a pity. < / P > < p > in addition, the material used in the machine is not very good. First of all, the LCD screen + side fingerprint identification scheme is still adopted, and the screen resolution is only 720p. With the plastic material back shell, the overall appearance and feel are not excellent. In terms of photographing, Huawei Changxiang 20 uses 1300W main camera, 500W wide-angle and 2 million scene depth improver lens. Compared with the same price of glory X10, the glory X10 has already used the imx600y module, with 4000W resolution, 1 / 1.73 inch soles, and ryyb large light input, it has good image quality performance in dark light. By contrast, Changxiang 20’s camera hardware is not at all Enough to see. Although it is an offline model, the overall configuration is not satisfactory. Therefore, in the price range of 2000 yuan, if you choose Huawei mobile phone, the author only suggests choosing glory X10, nova6 and nova7 series and glory 30s, and other models should be carefully purchased! Science Discovery