Huawei’s new machine enters the network, Ministry of industry and information technology: or mate 30 Pro “youth version”

It home on August 28, it news that a new Huawei machine has recently entered the Ministry of industry and information technology of the network. The appearance and configuration of this machine are very similar to Huawei mate 30 pro, or the “youth version” of the machine. < / P > < p > the model of this new machine is lio-an00m, while the model of Huawei mate30 Pro is lio-an00. Therefore, from the perspective of model alone, there is a certain relationship between the two, and the appearance and configuration of the machine illustrate this point. The appearance of the machine looks like Huawei mate30 pro, and the back camera and flash are basically the same, but the front camera is changed from 32 million pixels of Huawei mate 30 pro to 16 million pixels, and the rear main camera is changed from 40 million pixels to 32 million pixels. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year