Huawei’s new system debuts, with fluency comparable to ios14, and 10 models support upgrading!

At present, there are four mainstream operating systems in the world, namely, the windows system on the PC side. At present, the global share is close to 90%, and it is also the operating system with the highest coverage rate. The Android system that we are very familiar with is followed. At present, Huawei Xiaomi, oppo and vivo all adopt customized Android systems, such as MIUI and emui systems, which are well-known. At present, most of them are domestic All the flagship machines support Android 10 system, which is as smooth as apple IOS. As the only mobile phone operating system that does not open source in the world, IOS system has obvious technical advantages. With independent app store, the fluency and security of IOS system really lead the industry! However, as the US ban continues to ferment, Huawei will not be able to import chips manufactured by TSMC in the future, and even Meguiar flash memory will not be able to import. As a result, OEM of mobile phones will encounter huge problems. At the same time, Huawei mobile phones in overseas markets cannot be pre installed with Google GMS service. Huawei also began to transform and build its own HMS service, and invested hundreds of millions of funds to support global developers. At present, Hongmeng OS has also reached version 2.0. Yu Chengdong said that it has reached 70-80% of the strength of Android system, and the future of domestic systems is expected. Although Huawei has not yet launched Hongmeng system in its models, the new generation emui11 already has many features of Hongmeng system! < / P > < p > at the just concluded Huawei HDC developer conference, Hongmeng 2.0, hms5.0 and emui11 appeared one after another. It has to be said that Huawei ecosystem has taken an important step. The most concerned question is when the Hongmeng system will be launched. Yu Chengdong is also outspoken, and will gradually adapt Huawei’s mobile phones to Hongmeng system in the next year. It seems that Huawei is fully prepared. As for the HMS service, it is very important for overseas users, but it is dispensable for domestic users. After all, we don’t need to use these service tools to use apps. The new generation of Huawei emui11 system also gives enough surprise. Its fluency is comparable to ios14, and 10 models support upgrading! < p > < p > the reason why Huawei mobile phones are very fluent is also due to its outstanding emui system. In Master Lu’s mobile phone fluency test ranking, Huawei mate30 Pro once surpassed Xiaomi, Yijia and other mobile phones, winning the most fluent Android mobile phone. The new generation of Huawei emui11 will not let you down. It has joined the ark editor and GPU After turbo technology, a huge optimization and upgrading has been made at the bottom of the system. With the AI algorithm advantages of Kirin chip, it can intelligently learn the user’s operating habits, so as to realize the program pre startup function. This also makes Huawei’s mobile phone run as smoothly as Apple’s ios14. What Huawei models support the upgrade? < p > < p > Yu Chengdong said at the developer conference that Huawei emui11 system will start beta test from September 10, when Huawei P40, mate30 and matepad will start 10 models such as Pro will be upgraded in advance, and midrange models such as glory 30, V30 and nova7 will also be upgraded in the future. The interface of this generation of emui11 system has been greatly changed, and its function is similar to that of Hongmeng 2.0. In fact, Huawei has been testing the features of Hongmeng system. In order to prepare for pushing Hongmeng system in 2021, this will also be a way for Huawei to enhance its competitiveness Mobile phones will be expected to compete with IOS 14 in fluency. < / P > < p > in terms of functions, Huawei emiui11 system realizes seamless connection between computers, mobile phones and bracelets, which makes different types of Huawei devices more closely integrated, greatly improves the efficiency of office use, and achieves better security and privacy. Considering that Huawei Hongmeng system is an open-source system, Xiaomi and oppo can also be upgraded by brushing. Do you expect? Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia