Huawei’s p50pro is a bright killer, 4K screen + 100 million pixels + Hongmeng OS, which is Huawei’s strength

Before Huawei’s rise, Samsung had always been the leader in the Android camp. However, with the rise of Huawei and the strength of Huawei’s cameras, the position of Samsung’s Android player has been affected. This year, however, Samsung launched its own Samsung note20 ultra ahead of Huawei, but Huawei did not respond. However, recently, foreign media have exposed the news of Huawei’s p50pro. Although the exposure time is relatively early, many consumers have seen the power of Huawei’s P-Series mobile phones. It is reported that this newly exposed Huawei p50pro will be launched in March next year. And the parameters of this exposure are more detailed, and are also the most important configuration. In terms of performance, Huawei’s p50pro will be equipped with Tianji 2000 plus processor and built-in 5g baseband. The performance of CPU and GPU has been improved by 15%, and new image processing technology has been added. For the screen part, Huawei p50pro will carry a 6.7-inch BOE AMOLED screen with a resolution of 4K. I believe the display effect will be very good. Huawei’s p50pro has less information about its service life. It has a 5000 Ma battery built in and supports 100W cable charging. < / P > < p > in terms of consumers’ favorite cameras, Huawei’s p50pro will adopt more square array six cameras. In addition to a 100 million pixel main camera, there are 40 million pixel super wide angle camera, 32 million pixel zoom, 20 million pixel periscope long-range focus, 8 million pixel macro-range camera and 3D depth camera. The performance of heat dissipation has also been improved. Huawei p50pro will be equipped with multiple three-dimensional heat dissipation and built-in large heat dissipation plate, which can cover 90% of the heat source, and has high heat dissipation efficiency. Huawei’s p50pro system has been replaced by its own Hongmeng OS system, which is based on a new micro kernel architecture. It is said that it has a higher safety factor than the current Android and IOS systems. < / P > < p > although Huawei’s p50pro will not be available until next year, the parameters are now exposed, which can let many consumers have a look at it and attract more consumers to join Huawei’s camp. The biggest change of Huawei p50pro 5g flagship mobile phone this time is the system, the brand-new Hongmeng OS, which consumers have never experienced, so consumers will expect more. Do you have anything to say about this newly exposed Huawei p50pro? Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia