Human civilization is rated as 0.7 by scientists. What level of civilization is the birth of “Transformers”?

With the progress of human science, the future journey of mankind is the distant star sea. The earth is the starting point of human beings, not the end of human beings. Through the analysis of existing knowledge, scientists believe that we can simply divide the civilization of the universe into four levels. At present, human beings are not even the first level civilization, but can only be called 0.7 level civilization. In the distant universe, is it Is there a more powerful and technologically advanced civilization? We have no answer. < / P > < p > although human beings are already the absolute “overlord” in the ecosystem on the earth, there are still many areas on the earth that human beings have not explored, especially in the deep sea areas of the ocean. Human technology is not enough to support us to explore the whole earth and solve all the secrets of the earth. Moreover, the current energy of human beings is not enough to support us to leave the earth too far This human civilization can only be rated 0.7. The so-called civilization level is a reasonable conjecture made by scientists, also known as the “Kardashev hierarchy”. In this classification, civilization in the universe is simply divided into three categories. “Planetary civilization”, “star civilization” and “Galaxy civilization” can be simply said that the first level civilization can use and master all the resources on the planet, the second level civilization can master the resources of the whole star system, and the third level civilization is to master the resources of the entire galaxy. At present, human beings are not able to have all the resources of the earth, so human beings are still only at the level of 0.7 civilization. < / P > < p > with the development of science, people have more conjectures about the civilization level in the universe, and even add the civilization level to seven levels. In fact, such supplement is not of great significance. The Kardashev level is more simple and clear. It is unimaginable for human beings to surpass the third level civilization. It is not too much to call it “God level civilization”. Then, science fiction What level of civilization does Cybertron belong to? < / P > < p > first of all, life on Cybertron does not belong to carbon based life, which is quite different from the life on earth. Transformer itself is a science fiction work. We can’t talk about the rationality and rigor of the whole framework. Here, we regard all the creatures on this planet as “silicon-based organisms”. In terms of structure, the whole planet of Cybertron is a metal structure, and even the interior of the whole planet has been mechanically transformed on a large scale. The whole planet can be regarded as a mobile fortress. Therefore, the planetary civilization must have surpassed the first-class civilization. The core power of the civilization of this planet comes from the “fire source”, and it is written in the work that Civilization is not born naturally, but created by another civilization. From this perspective, the civilization that created Cybertron should have surpassed the third level civilization. And the Cybertron civilization has mastered the ability of interstellar travel. Their interstellar warships can roam in the universe, explore other planets, and even exploit the inexhaustible energy of stars. However, their civilization energy comes from the source of fire, and does not need to build Dyson sphere to obtain energy. However, from the perspective of human development, Cybertron civilization is more like a remnant of a higher civilization. < / P > < p > with the development of human beings, we will also use science and technology to create “artificial intelligence”, or one day in the future, we can also create similar mechanical life. Of course, if we want to create a mechanical life civilization like Cybertron, maybe only when human beings enter the fourth level civilization, can we make space leaps and use dark energy as energy, can we make machines Mechanical life evolved into a civilization. From the perspective of the development of Cybertron civilization, war is still the biggest obstacle to the development of civilization. The more advanced science and technology, the more terrible the consequences of war will be. Even if Cybertron can explore the civilization of the whole galaxy, it will fall into disaster because of the war. Of course, the development of Cybertron civilization is very abnormal, and its starting point is very high, but it is limited and the source of fire can not be improved Further. < / P > < p > scientists have been worried that artificial intelligence will bring us danger in the future. If we can really make real artificial intelligence, what is human for them? From the Cybertron civilization, we can see that any intelligent existence can develop civilization, and also produce contradictions and disputes. How many levels of civilization can human beings develop in the future? We cannot know, but from now on, it is the common responsibility of all mankind to develop science and technology, study science and avoid war. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?