Hundreds of millions of fruit powder unexpected! The iPhone 12 Max is basically certain that happiness has come too suddenly

In the first half of 20 years, cook can say that many loyal Apple users are very cold hearted. When the Android 5g mobile phones were launched in large quantities, apple led by Cook was indifferent. Although it may be affected by some other factors, such indifference has disappointed many consumers.

now that the 5g mobile phone market in the first half of 20 years has come to an end, Apple has also heard that the iPhone 12 will be launched in the second half of the year. This time, the iPhone 12 Max is exposed, which is one of the higher configured iphone12 series launched in September in the second half of the year. This comprehensive exposure of the parameters of the iPhone 12 Max did not disappoint the fruit fans. Even after watching the price, many fruit fans said that happiness came too suddenly.

news of the iPhone 12 series began in early 20 years. However, with the release of 5g flagship of Samsung, Huawei and other Android manufacturers, Apple has no news about 5g. Until recently, many consumers have been informed of the parameters of the iPhone 12 max.

the processor part of the new iPhone 12max is worth seeing. The new A14 bionics with 5-nanometer technology makes many fruit fans feel unexpected. The new A14 bionic processor will adopt a new CPU architecture, and a new image processing technology will also be built-in 5g, which is 40% faster than the A13 on the previous iPhone 11 series.

the Liu Hai screen, which represents the Apple style, will also change. The iPhone 12 Max will use a small Liu Hai screen with OLED material. The resolution is 2532 * 1170 and supports 120Hz refresh rate. I believe that watching video will have an excellent experience.

on the camera, Samsung and Xiaomi in the first half of the year upgraded the main camera to 100 million pixels, while Huawei was equipped with a photosensitive camera, so this time the iPhone 12pro was also greatly adjusted, equipped with a rear four camera, the main camera was increased to 64 million, and the other three were 64 million pixel ultra wide angle, 32 million pixel long focus and 20 million pixel portrait.

battery part, the previous iPhoneX and iPhone11 series are all too small for Tucao battery, iPhone12Max is equipped with a 4500 Ma battery, make complaints about upgrading to 40W, and get rid of the past small power charging. In terms of technology, the iPhone 12max will support a new 6-band 5g network to receive signals more quickly and stably.

although the market is still dominated by Android 5g flagship, the iPhone 12max will definitely change the dominant situation of Android camp after it comes into the market in the second half of the year. Huawei is probably the only one in the Android camp that can compete with the iPhone 12 Max in terms of performance. At present, only these two 5-nanometer processors are available. Therefore, iphone12max will inevitably collide with Huawei mate40pro.

at present, the price of the iPhone 12max is about 7000 yuan. However, it has also been reported recently that the Bank of China Version of the iPhone 12max will be lower, at around 6500 yuan. If the iPhone 12max is on the market, will you choose to buy it?

Author: zmhuaxia