I bought a Samsung tablet for 6000 yuan and found that it can compete with iPad pro?

“Productivity before buying, iqiyi after buying” is a very popular saying among iPad users, which also shows that iPad has been in an awkward position for a period of time. However, with the launch of the iPad pro, as well as the blessing of Apple pencil and magic keyboard, the iPad has gradually become the responsibility of productivity, and it is no wonder to create something. < / P > < p > many people now equate the iPad with the tablet, and many people agree that “iPad is the only choice for tablet computers.”. Some colleagues in the office even gave up their computers and used iPads instead. < / P > < p > it seems that people have forgotten the existence of Android Tablet. It seems that even if some manufacturers launch Android Tablet, they can’t beat the iPad. However, Tony didn’t believe in this evil. He decided to choose an Android Tablet that could compete with the iPad, but I found one. We are also familiar with this brand, which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. < / P > < p > so Tony decided to take a hard hit this time, and let the iPad pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 compare in appearance, keyboard and stylus, ecology and experience, and each part must choose a winner. < p > < p > Tony doesn’t mean to find an Android Tablet to beat the iPad, but hopes to let more people have a deeper understanding of tablet computers through this article. < / P > < p > after the smart control keyboard is connected, the shape of the iPad Pro completely imitates the appearance of a traditional computer, presenting a feeling of being suspended on the keyboard, while the apple pencil is attached to the top of the body. < / P > < p > on the tab S7 side, the keyboard is separately magnetized at the bottom of the body, which is less elegant than the iPad pro. < / P > < p > but the back of tab S7 is very interesting. The upper and lower parts of the back panel attached to the back of the fuselage can be unfolded. The lower part is used as a bracket like the surface. < / P > < p > when the two tablets are closed, the feeling is almost the same. However, due to the imitation leather appearance adopted by Samsung, at first glance it feels more advanced. < / P > < p > on the whole, the design of the iPad Pro is more convenient. However, some colleagues say that they prefer Samsung’s design. They think that it is better to keep the s pen firmly in the back panel than to expose it outside, and the pen will not be lost. < / P > < p > the noumenon of the two devices is also slightly different. Although they are both 11 inch screens, the proportion of tab S7 is more slender. In contrast, the iPad Pro is a bit “short and fat”. < / P > < p > but overall, Tony thinks the iPad Pro is better, because the overall appearance of the tab S7 is not harmonious enough, and the keyboard has lagged behind to a certain extent. < / P > < p > the popularity of keyboard and stylus is getting higher and higher recently, especially Apple pencil, which is regarded as the standard configuration of iPad and the most famous stylus in tablet industry. Many people use this pen to study, work and create art. Tony thought the apple pencil was working, but when I first used the s pen, it opened the door to a new world… < / P > < p > in short, the s pen is much lighter than the apple pencil, and the touch experience is wonderful. It will give you a real feeling of writing on paper, and you will feel that the writing place is a little soft, rather than a hard screen. < / P > < p > this subtle experience can be said to be unique. Samsung’s s s pen technology, which has been cultivated on the note series for many years, is really not built. < p > < p > if Apple pencil wants to have a similar experience, it can either stick a paper like film on the iPad pro or add a pen cover to the pen tip, but it’s certainly not as cool as the s pen… It can be said that the s pen has all the advantages of a pen, such as its light weight, exquisite feedback, fluent operation and almost imperceptible delay. < / P > < p > s pen also has a physical button, which can be used with click, double-click, long press and hover gestures to make a very rich operation. Samsung is really playing with the pen… < / P > < p > and when the s pen is about one centimeter away from the screen, a small white dot will appear on the screen, which can well prevent the occurrence of accidental touch, and the details are basically full. In fact, apple pencil is also very easy to use. In fluency, it doesn’t lose s pen at all. Unfortunately, it’s just like a student with 95 points in the exam meets a Xueba with a full score and does the right additional questions… < p > < p > in terms of keyboard, the iPad Pro is better. Although the magic control keyboard is relatively heavy, it gains a better typing feel. Compared with tab S7, the keyboard feel is not very crisp. < / P > < p > the touch panel of iPad Pro is also more sensitive. Only half of the touch panel of Samsung portable keyboard can be pressed down, while the whole touch panel of Miaoyu keyboard can be pressed, which is relatively rare. < / P > < p > the gesture operation of Miaoyu keyboard is also very smooth, such as quickly switching applications and returning to the main interface. If you are already a Mac user, it will be easier to get started. < / P > < p > after experiencing the peripherals of the two devices, if we want to decide whether to win or lose, Tony thinks Samsung should be better, because this s pen is really amazing, which may be a black technology that other manufacturers can’t learn from… < / P > < p > so in the keyboard and stylus, the tab S7 wins, but the iPad Pro also performs very well. If the smart keyboard is lighter, it’s not sure who wins or loses. < / P > < p > in terms of ecological quality, we can first judge whether the software is good or not. This is also the biggest question many people have about Android Tablet: does Android Tablet have software that can be used? < / P > < p > even if tab S7 has the magic s pen, there are few painting software supporting Android Tablet, let alone the killer procreate on iPad OS… < / P > < p > but Samsung still has something to hold, such as the “hidden killer” – Samsung DEX, which Tony found on the tab S7. < / P > < p > the interface of DEX mode is very similar to windows, and applications will be presented in the form of windows. You can drag them at will, or you can minimize or full screen. I believe most people will not have any threshold to start with. < / P > < p > this flexibility is much higher than that of iPad OS. First open a few windows on the desktop, then open the browser and brush station B. by the way, open a WPS. How to use a traditional computer, you can use DEX. < / P > < p > but ipados is not vegetarian either. IPad OS 14 is not only more flexible to use, but Apple pencil can write directly in the search bar. If you make a mistake, you can cross it out like the traditional way. Whoever uses it will be happy. < / P > < p > in fact, Samsung devices also have similar functions, called Samsung flow. Tony tried to transfer 20 photos, which was only a second or two slower than airdrop. However, the interaction between Apple devices is more than airdrop. If you have a MAC device, the interaction with iPad will be smooth. < / P > < p > you can turn your iPad into a sketchpad. Text and pictures can be transmitted seamlessly. You can even answer a phone on a Mac. Whatever you do is synchronized. This seamless ecological experience is hard to find a second home. < / P > < p > and tab S7? Basically, there is no way for Android Tablet to interact with Windows computer, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of Android Tablet… < / P > < p > Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is like a graduate student, and even let Apple look at it in some places. However, it is very difficult for the ecological environment to become the choice of most people. < / P > < p > if Tony had to choose between these two devices, I would still choose iPad pro, because the iPad Pro is so stable… < / P > < p > the iPad Pro won by 2:1, which is no surprise. But if you see here, you can recall that Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 did not lose face, and iPad Pro did not win easily. However, with Samsung’s own efforts, it is impossible to turn the tide. This is also a common fault of the Android Tablet camp. No matter how good the hardware is, the weak software will keep consumers away. < / P > < p > Tony hopes to tell you through this article that Android Tablet is not worthless, it still has outstanding players who can fight in the market. Although the performance of Android Tablet is a little poor, if you ask whether it is a good tablet, the answer is no doubt yes. However, no one thought that Android smartphones could occupy most of the market in those years. Maybe we can give Android tablet computers some time, so it’s really uncertain what the tablet market will become in the future. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?