Ideal car landed in US stock market, Xiaopeng submitted IPO documents to build car, new force may welcome the tide of listing

At the end of July, the US stock market ushered in the second new automobile manufacturing force company from China, ideal automobile. On the first day of listing, the ideal stock price increased by 43%, and its market value once exceeded the first big brother of automobile manufacturing force listed in the United States. < / P > < p > after the ideal, there are a number of new car making forces are stepping into the market. In the early morning of August 8, Xiaopeng Motor Co., Ltd. submitted its IPO documents to the US Securities Regulatory Commission, or listed in August as soon as possible; another Weima automobile, which is located in the front camp of the new forces, was revealed to be interested in listing on the science and technology innovation board; in addition, Nezha automobile, which was in the top five sales volume of new forces last year, also announced that it planned to launch the listing of science and technology innovation board in 2021. The head camp of the new forces of car making plans for IPO one after another, does it mean going out of the dark time and ushering in the dawn? < / P > < p > the ideal low-key and “stingy” are quite famous in the automobile industry. Not long ago, Li Xiang, the founder of ideal automobile, also sent a circle of friends to count his “stingy”: ideal car has only two VP level executives, and even few senior directors; when employees travel on business, they have to buy economy class tickets with the lowest discount and stay in economy hotels; the first mass production car conference cost only 2 million yuan, but has received tens of thousands of orders Li Xiang concluded: “without nearly abnormal cost and efficiency requirements, we can’t survive in such a difficult industry as car making.” < / P > < p > this IPO in the United States also continues the consistent “stingy” style. Affected by the epidemic situation, the listing ceremony was held in Beijing, and the venue was selected in the ideal Shunyi delivery center, which directly saved the site fee. At the ceremony, Li wanted to appear with the staff in a dark blue T-shirt and jeans. The ceremony was simple and clear without too many fancy arrangements. However, in contrast to such a low-key, the ideal first day of listing was eye-catching. More than two hours after the opening, the stock price rose from $11.5 to $17.5, an increase of nearly 50%. The market value once surpassed that of Weilai. This means that Li Xiang, who holds 21% of the shares, has risen by more than 20 billion yuan overnight. < p > < p > Wang Xing, a major shareholder and CEO of meituan, who has always been optimistic about the ideal and participated in leading investment, is also full of confidence in the ideal performance. “For those of you who think that Li Xiang’s ideal is to sell a 100 billion dollar ideal car, you still underestimate it by an order of magnitude,” he said on social media < p > < p > from its establishment to its launch, the ideal car has gone through five years. Compared with Weilai, Xiaopeng, Weima and other auto enterprises, the ideal one, the first mass production vehicle, was launched at the latest and was delivered at the end of last year. However, after listing, ideal one showed a good sales momentum. In the first half of this year, Weima was squeezed out for several consecutive months, ranking second in the sales list of new forces, with a total sales volume of 9666 vehicles in the first half of this year. In addition to the sales volume, the ideal gross profit rate in the first quarter is over 8%, which is prior to Weiwei’s realization of the positive profit margin, which lays the foundation for the future positive profit, which also becomes the key to its successful listing. < / P > < p > going public can not only achieve the goal of fund-raising, but also benefit the recruitment and brand promotion of the whole company. After the ideal, Xiaopeng and Weima, who are in the head camp of the new forces of car making, are also brewing their listing plans. < p > < p > more than a month after the news of going to the United States for listing in the United States, in the early morning of August 8, Xiaopeng auto officially submitted its IPO documents to the US Securities Regulatory Commission and planned to list on the New York Stock Exchange. Before this, Xiaopeng has made sufficient preparations for listing. On July 20, Xiaopeng announced that it had completed nearly $500 million in C + round financing. On August 3, another source disclosed that Xiaopeng had obtained another $300 million financing led by Alibaba. According to the current information, Xiaopeng auto will be on the market as soon as August. Like the ideal car, Xiaopeng has gone through five years. In the link of listing and delivery, Xiaopeng is faster than ideal, and the first mass production car, Xiaopeng G3, will be launched at the end of 2018. In April this year, Xiaopeng released the first mass production car model P7. However, in the first half of this year, Xiaopeng’s sales performance was average, ranking the fourth among the new forces of car making with 5507 vehicles. According to the prospectus, since its establishment, Xiaopeng automobile has not made profits. In 2018, 2019 and the first half of 2020, the net losses of Xiaopeng automobile were RMB 1398.8 million, RMB 3691.7 million and RMB 795.8 million respectively. However, it is revealed that the company intends to be listed on the domestic market. In the first half of this year, Weima’s total sales volume was 6342, ranking third among the new forces. In addition, Nezha automobile, which has a good sales performance among the new forces, recently announced the launch of round D financing and plans to be listed on the science and technology innovation board next year. < p > < p > since the second half of last year, the decline of subsidy policy has brought the new energy vehicle market into a cold winter. Entering this year, novel coronavirus pneumonia is also facing the new black fever. The new force of car making has the trend of polarization. The car companies, such as Bo county and Beit Teng, have already left the market halfway, but the head camp of Wei Lai, ideal, Xiaopeng, and Wei Ma has been financing frequently in the first half of the year to break through and save themselves. According to Wang Guanqiao, chief analyst of electric intelligent vehicle of Western securities, this year is indeed a good time to go public for several new forces that intend to go public. On the one hand, the mass production vehicles of these automobile enterprises have been launched, and the new cars are still in the climbing period. The capital market has a good expectation for the automobile enterprises. On the other hand, this year’s capital market environment is not bad. However, does successful listing mean living through the crisis of life and death? After the successful listing, Li Xiang admitted that his ideal has not passed the most difficult time, and the greater test is still ahead. < p > < p > Wang Guanqiao also believes that the listing is only an important node of the new force of car manufacturing. If you want to really survive, it depends on whether the follow-up products can maintain the core competitiveness and how to realize the cash flow normalization as soon as possible. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12