If glory Magic 3 is equipped with off screen lens and Hongmeng system, will you make the first batch?

In the current mobile phone market, the popularity of glory mobile phones is still very high. From the high-end flagship market to the middle and low-end market, we can see the trace of glory mobile phones, which can already represent the advantages of glorified mobile phones. It is important to know that Huawei glory has developed rapidly in the past two years, and the layout of products is the same. Without strong strength, mobile phone products will not have excellent advantages, and won’t get excellent sales. With the development of the market, most mobile phone users’ attention has shifted to the new machine in the second half of the year. In this case, the expectation value of glory magic3 is born. Although there is not much information about glory magic3, there are still many exposure information about glory magic3 in the market. It is also a guess in the recent market that if glory magic3 is equipped with the off screen lens and Hongmeng OS system, would you like to be the first users. Of course, the exposure information about glory magic3 comes from the Internet. The main thing is guesswork. So you can see it. Please take official measures as the basis. Let’s first talk about the off screen lens. According to the market exposure information, glory magic3 or 3D surface display with AMOLED will be equipped. If it is combined with the on-screen camera scheme of vicino, it is necessary to control the thickness of the fuselage and bring new screen proportion height. It is only in the state of exposure for the current under screen lens. It is difficult to estimate the mass production, after all, it is still in the initial stage. But the off screen lens has been looking forward to a long time. If glory magic3 really adopts this design, it may really raise a lot of heat. It is then Hongmeng system. According to yuchengdong, Huawei’s smart watch products will also carry Hongmeng OS this year. In the future, all IOT products of Huawei, including PC, tablet and even mobile phone, may adopt Hongmeng OS. Of course, the news of glory magic3 or will be equipped with Hongmeng OS system is also exposed in the market, which directly increases the expectation value of glory magic3. It is important to know that Huawei has been striving to develop HMS. Now, every month, every week and every day, the ecological experience is improving, which makes the distance between Hongmeng system closer. In addition to the basic parameters, the basic parameters of glory magic3 are exposed in the market, or integrated 5g chip will be equipped to support the application of sa/nsa dual mode 5g network. In addition, after Huawei released turbo technology, network turbo, game turbo and even music turbo technology have all come out. According to the explosion, this time, it will be upgraded. If the above exposure information is the same, the expectation of glory magic3 will not be weak, at least it will cause a huge impact on the mobile phone market. Of course, it is only a speculation that if glory magic3 really carries the off screen lens and Hongmeng system, it is believed that the sales volume will not be bad. Older posts →