If Huawei falls down, Samsung will make a comeback and the domestic mobile phone market will return to the Warring States period

In the vast grassland, an adult elephant, for some reason, is left alone. Wandering on the grassland for three days, sunrise and sunset, alone. In the distance, a group of jackals are waiting for an opportunity. In the distance, there are a pair of lion’s eyes staring at the wolf and elephant’s every move. A group of cattle and sheep are also watching in the distance, and there are hawks circling in the sky. This is a common scene in nature. In addition to warmth, human society is full of the same coldness and cruelty as the animal world, all for their own survival. There is no right or wrong about all the things that have happened or will happen, only technical timing. Grasp the advance, in order to appear in the moment of prey with the minimum cost, in exchange for the largest harvest. This is especially true of the commodity economy and society. As long as the rules are met, there is no force to stop the pace of capital. Some are just the same competition, competition and competition as the animal world. When the elephants were present, they occupied a large area of grassland and occupied the living space of other herbivores on the grassland, but at the same time, they formed a barrier to protect the herd of cattle and sheep. In the eyes of cattle and sheep, although they don’t take elephants as prey, their hearts are always there. However, in the eyes of jackals, they can see the cattle and sheep that are not blocked by the herd. In the eyes of the lions, there are not only cattle and sheep but also wolves. The left elephants and the single elephants are destined to change the pattern of grassland. A bloodbath is about to begin. In the people’s daily on August 28, Samsung announced its return with a full page advertisement. The slogan is still “to be an enterprise loved by the Chinese people and contribute to Chinese society”. The company, whose market share has dropped to 1% in China, clearly sees the opportunity. < p > < p > in China, Coolpad, once the third mobile phone brand of “China cool union”, has returned. Coincidentally, the disappeared 360 mobile phone also appeared on tenaa certification website. < / P > < p > if we compare Huawei’s mobile phone business to the elephant that is about to mature, the vast prairie is our domestic market, the herd of grazing cattle and sheep are the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and those predators waiting for the opportunity to enter are foreign mobile phone manufacturers, and the elephant group is our entire information industry, and the lion in the distance is mastering the core basic technology such as chips Companies and institutions with a larger background. < / P > < p > whether this single elephant will encounter an accident, whether the herd will come back to look for it, whether the cattle and sheep come to try to fill in the gap, whether they will be attacked by carnivores, and people in the distance are also watching all this. Privacy Policy