If the game data of iPhone and Android are not interconnected, why are they both Android

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and the krypton are the main topics. They are like the original sin of the game. On the one hand, the players are also Tucao game companies. < / P > < p > on the other hand, liver and krypton are also one of the most attractive parts of the game. After all, in the game of liver time or krypton gold, most of the time, it is like a progress bar, and you can see the completion point. This certain sense of achievement is rare in the real world. < p > < p > my friend a Jian recently encountered a thing that made him very angry. Because of the problem of mobile game channel service, he couldn’t play the game for nearly half a year. < / P > < p > if you don’t play games or non Android users, you may not know what the game channel service is. Here is a brief explanation. Generally speaking, channel service corresponds to official service. The official game server is operated by the game party independently, while mobile game channel service is often operated by large channels and game distributors. < / P > < p > as a typical self built app store, most mobile phone manufacturers will launch game channel services, such as oppo, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. they all have channel services. In addition, there are some old game operators, such as Jiuyou. < p > < p > a Jian is one of the “victims” of channel service. He has spent more than half a year’s game props and achievements. Because of the update of the mobile phone system, it is all gone, and even can’t play games. Around July last year, ah Jian played the game. Although there was not much krypton gold and more than 100 pieces, it took nearly half a year for liver game props and game characters. After all, different models have different performance data, which is closely related to game performance. < / P > < p > after the mobile phone push notice reminds him that he can upgrade the Android 10 system, ah Jian updates the system without much thought, and the update is wrong. < / P > < p > after upgrading to Android 10, the game is opened again and it shows that the system version is not supported. After searching the official announcement and taptap game communities again and again, it turns out that the problem is the national service. The international service downloaded from Google play store supports Android 10 system, and the national service needs to be updated. < / P > < p > two months later, when the national service was updated, but ah Jian’s mobile phone still remained the same, the display system did not support it, and after a lot of hard work and searching, it was found that the problem was the channel service. Ah Jian played Alifu, while the version downloaded from taptap community already supported Android 10. However, after downloading taptap, the game can be played. However, due to the lack of communication of server data, the hard-working game props and achievements are all gone. Ah Jian’s mood can be imagined. < / P > < p > in addition to the inconsistent update time of the game, the mobile game channel service often has the situation that the game character data is not interconnected. That is to say, after you change the server, all the previous game character data are lost, and even the original game character server cannot be found. < p > < p > AI fan’er, an editor surnamed Liu, once encountered this situation, because he was a Netease PC game player during his school days. After working, he saw a mobile game with the same name, so he tried this mobile game. Although krypton gold was not much, it cost thousands of yuan more than a year. < / P > < p > then, because the oppo N3 mobile phone used was broken and replaced with another brand of Android phone, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t play it. After downloading the game in the app store again, the server where the game characters were originally located could not be found. < p > < p > at that time, taptap and other game communities were not so famous, and there were not many places for players to communicate with each other. Finally, after several twists and turns, Editor Liu downloaded an oppo app store and re downloaded the game from the app store to successfully log in to the game. However, because I didn’t play the game for a period of time, I didn’t play the game until the end of the game. Krypton didn’t move and gave up. < / P > < p > the fact is not so simple. When you search the official website of the game with your mobile phone browser and want to download the official service, the browser will guide you to download the channel service in the search results. It is difficult for ordinary players to distinguish the difference between official service and channel service. < / P > < p > accidentally download the channel service. After the game characters, equipment and other data are up, it is difficult to change the service. In some games where data is not interconnected, because it is different from a friend’s mobile phone, you can’t play games with the same server. < / P > < p > channel service is the product of the times and the product of the environment. It is closely related to the domestic application store environment. The IOS end is distributed by the app store, so there is no channel service phenomenon. < / P > < p > but Android is different. Due to well-known reasons, there is no such store app as Google play in the domestic android ecosystem. It is not convenient for users to download applications, let alone games. < / P > < p > due to the limitations of popularity and operation, it is almost impossible for third-party app stores such as Peapod and ku’an to cover all Android users. Until mobile phone manufacturers built their own UI systems, Xiaomi MIUI installed Xiaomi app store in the system very early, and constantly guided users to download applications and games through Xiaomi app store. < / P > < p > pre installed app stores, coupled with the continuous guidance and education of mobile phone manufacturers, users gradually default to use the app stores brought by their mobile phones. With the growth of mobile phone manufacturers, domestic Android application distribution has also formed a distribution ecology dominated by mobile phone manufacturers and some third-party applications. < / P > < p > see here, you should understand why there are channel services. First, application distribution is in the hands of mobile phone manufacturers and third-party application manufacturers. If game companies want to obtain more players, it is difficult for game companies to bypass the app store. The traffic accumulation advantage of app stores can also gain a large number of users in a short period of time. < / P > < p > secondly, game companies, based on cost operation and other factors, let channel services share the server pressure. After all, China is a country with a large population and a large number of mobile game players. According to Aurora big data, 825 million users in China use game apps every month in 2019. < / P > < p > it’s not unreasonable for game companies to use server streaming to split operating costs, while mobile phone manufacturers and other channels can also obtain game revenue share through channel service management, and players can download to the game in a more convenient and fast way. < p > < p > according to game media gamelook, the common domestic android app store channel is divided into 5:5 and a half, and app store accounts for 30%, while taptap, as a game community, claims not to charge. < / P > < p > looks like a win-win result, but it’s not as simple as that. The management and operation level of different channel services is not the same, which is a reason that the operation level of game agents is inconsistent. It is not surprising that the game update delay occurs when a channel service with poor operation level is encountered. < / P > < p > in addition to the system update and adaptation encountered by ah Jian above, it is also possible to encounter the delay in updating the large version of the game. Players in the official uniform have played the new plot or even the new game system, and the players in the channel service have to wait for the version update. < / P > < p > if this is a highly competitive game, it will be unfair to channel service players. Imagine that the official service players can update in advance, complete the new game scenario, and get better equipment and props. Compared with the official service players, channel service players are much slower because of the server. < / P > < p > another problem is that the server data is not interoperable. If the IOS side and Android side are not interconnected, it is already very helpless. However, the Android side is also unable to play games with friends. Change mobile phone still need to worry about mobile phone brand, otherwise changed mobile phone even can’t play the game. < / P > < p > although this problem can be solved by downloading the game installation package from the original mobile phone brand’s app store or related stores and logging in the game again, this itself is a threshold, and there are a large number of players who do not know the solution. < / P > < p > if you encounter an unreliable operator, the channel service will even close the service directly because of poor profits, or because there are too few players entering the server, the online game will gradually become a stand-alone game. < / P > < p > compared with the official service, it often has its own characteristics. For example, channel service often provides discount benefits that the official service does not have to attract players. Playing channel service krypton gold to buy the same props costs less money. < / P > < p > in addition, there are registration benefits and so on. The registered account can have the official uniform, which the player does not have. It is equivalent to a game agent. Although there is no official uniform which is stable and updated quickly, it is equivalent to a self sprouting game circle when the server data is not interconnected. However, the “victims” of channel services have not disappeared, but are increasing. In taptap and other game related forums and communities, we can see players who have similar experiences with ah Jian. The reason behind their repeated attacks is that channel services are not transparent to players. < / P > < p > many ordinary players simply don’t know the concept of channel service, especially for those who have switched from IOS ecology to Android. Since the app store was launched in 2008, the app store has gradually become the starting point of mobile software ecology. Over the past decade of user education, mobile phone users have become accustomed to downloading from the app store. However, the channel side does not provide clear and conspicuous content to remind players that this is channel service. If ordinary players do not know the relevant matters in advance, it is basically difficult to distinguish which is channel service and which is official service. < / P > < p > even if you want to download the game official clothes through the official website, they will still be guided to download channel services in the browsers pre installed by mobile phone manufacturers, and even directly in the search engine results, the download mode of front channel services guides users to download. < / P > < p > players are not reluctant to go to channel service. Today, with mobile phone manufacturers’ share and third-party app stores becoming more and more fixed, there are several relatively stable channel services, which will not lead to the situation that small channels cheat players to make a lot of money to run away. Compared with the previous channel service, channel service is also stable. However, the problem is that the channel side does not give players the opportunity to understand and choose. Instead, they guide players into channel service for the benefit of sharing the game. This kind of food is rather ugly. There is no mainstream Android App Store platform such as Huawei and Xiaomi in the online game announcement released by Lilith, a well-known game company, on September 21. You should know that after it goes online, it will soon become the best seller in the app store. < p > < p > coincidentally, according to gamelook, the Games owned by MIHA you, a well-known domestic game company, can’t be launched into mainstream Android application channels such as Xiaomi and Huawei in the public beta. < / P > < p > game industry insiders generally believe that this is a revolt of game companies against Android channel, against the high game sharing system of the channel, and the interference to the operation of game players. < / P > < p > well known companies in the industry such as Lilith and MIHA you have chosen to exclude the app store channel for their main game works. This undoubtedly sets a new benchmark in the whole game industry, and it can also gain big profits without app stores

Author: zmhuaxia