If the iPhone doesn’t support wechat? These people will abandon wechat, the reality is very cruel

Of course, giving up wechat will certainly have an impact on many foreign businesses and enterprises, because wechat is not only a social software, but also carries the payment function. Even in foreign countries, large chain catering enterprises like Starbucks, as well as Chinese restaurants, have already used the wechat payment function. Without wechat, their business is bound to be greatly affected, especially in this year’s external environment.

in fact, whether it’s iPhone or wechat, it’s a choice that can’t be both sides for users, and there will certainly be deficiencies and regrets in the experience. For Tencent and apple, the representatives of wechat and iPhone, it will certainly greatly damage their interests. Of course, from the current situation, domestic users can have both, and for some foreign users, the reality may be cruel and they can only accept the response. What’s your opinion on this? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine