If the moon disappears, what will happen to the earth? Maybe it’s something we don’t want to see

In 2013, Xiaobian watched a very good science and technology film. This film is about the alien invasion of the earth and the star war with human beings. But aliens can’t beat humans, and finally these hateful aliens came up with a bad idea to destroy human beings, that is to destroy the earth’s natural satellite, the moon. < / P > < p > in the eyes of aliens, as long as the moon is destroyed, human beings are doomed. Many people may say that this is just an exaggeration in science fiction movies. Even if the earth loses the moon, human beings will not be finished. Is this really the case? Today we will discuss this issue with our friends. How does the moon come from? According to scientists’ continuous exploration and Research on the moon, it is possible that the moon was formed after a Mars sized planet side impact on the earth in the early days of the earth. This is partly evidenced by the fact that the composition of the lunar soil is very similar to that of the earth. It can be seen that the moon was born very early, probably hundreds of millions of years after the birth of the earth. The moon is very different from the satellites of other planets. Its biggest difference is that as a satellite, its mass and volume are too large. The mass of the moon is 81 times that of the earth, which is incredible in the satellite industry. < / P > < p > scientists have observed the satellites of other planets in the solar system and found that the proportion of planets in the satellite mass of other planets is basically more than one thousandth, and there is no such exaggerated mass ratio as the moon to the earth. Even outside the solar system, we have not yet seen a second special satellite like the moon. < p > < p > through simulation experiments, scientists have found that a satellite with the mass of the moon can stably run in orbit, which requires a very precise position, so it is almost impossible to become a satellite of the earth. Therefore, it is a coincidence under very low probability that the moon will become a satellite of the earth. If another celestial body as large as the moon passes through the earth, there is a 99.99% probability that it will directly hit the earth instead of becoming a satellite. It is precisely because the moon is so large that it becomes the partner of the earth and plays an important role in the continuous evolution of the earth’s ecology. It can be said that the earth can have the present ecological environment, largely by the role of the moon. I believe all friends understand that the formation of the earth’s ecological environment is the joint action of the sun and the moon, and the role of the moon is greater than that of the sun. As we all know, there are three planets in the habitable zone among the eight planets in the solar system, namely Venus, earth and Mars. Theoretically speaking, these three planets should have similar living environment, and all of them should have the possibility of birth of life. But the final result is that only the earth has become a beautiful life planet, the other two are bad environment. < / P > < p > Why are earth like planets in the same habitable zone so different? Scientists have speculated on a variety of possible conclusions, one of the important reasons may be that the earth has a special satellite like the moon. If Venus and Mars also have a satellite like the moon, they may now be beautiful living planets. How important is the moon to the earth? Let’s look at what happened to the earth after the birth of the moon? The first change is rotation. We all know that the earth not only revolves around the sun, but also rotates. Now the rotation cycle is 24 hours. However, 4.6 billion years ago, when the earth was just born, the rotation speed was very fast, about 6 hours in a cycle. < / P > < p > without the moon, even if the earth’s rotation would slow down later, the current rotation cycle would have been eight hours, three times faster than now. Once the rotation speed of the earth becomes three times as fast as it is now, the ecology of the earth will also change greatly. One of the most influential natural phenomena is wind. Wind is the most important link in the earth’s ecosystem. No matter the flow of the atmosphere or the circulation of water, it is closely related to the wind. In addition, the formation of the earth’s geomorphic structure is closely related to the wind. If there were no moon, the rotation period would be three times that of the present, then all the wind on the earth would blow from east to west, and the wind speed would be very amazing. < / P > < p > under the influence of this amazing wind direction, the sea will be full of big wind and waves, which has become a forbidden zone for human beings, hindering the communication between the East and the west, and no ship can safely navigate in such a sea. Moreover, the strong wind also has the effect of wind erosion. The desertification will be more serious than now, and the area of the desert will be wider than now. At the same time, the high mountains on the earth will disappear and become a plain earth without mountains. < / P > < p > the increase of several times the rotation speed will also affect another important element of the earth, that is, the geomagnetic field. I believe you all know that the earth has a very strong magnetic field. Everything on the earth, including life, is in such a magnetic field. If our eyes can see the magnetic field, you will find that the magnetic field shuttles back and forth everywhere on the earth, including our bodies. < / P > < p > all life forms on the earth, including human beings, gradually adapt to evolution under the current magnetic field. Therefore, the fate of life on earth is closely linked with the earth’s magnetic field, and some changes in the magnetic field will affect life. In particular, it will seriously affect human health and life. We should know that our blood contains iron ions, which are very sensitive to the magnetic field. < / P > < p > the intensity of the magnetic field has reached a balance with the iron ions in the human body, so we can hardly feel the uncomfortable effect of the magnetic field on us. However, without the moon, the earth’s geomagnetism may become three times as much as it is now. Under this strong magnetism, human health will be greatly affected. For example, we become irritable and irritable. < / P > < p > the second change is the earth’s rotation axis. We all know that the earth’s rotation has an oblique angle, which is actually caused by the influence of the moon’s gravity. With this oblique angle, the earth has four seasons of change, and has a more stable ecosystem. < / P > < p > if the earth loses the moon, the rotation axis will change, and the angle will naturally change. And this change will directly affect the earth’s four seasons. At that time, there may be such a climate: spring in the morning, autumn in the afternoon, and winter in the evening. In other words, there are several seasons in a day. Can life survive such climate change? The answer is no, most of the life will be extinct, except for a few plants that can adapt to this intense environmental change. It is also very difficult for human beings to survive in such environmental changes. < / P > < p > this environmental change will also affect the circadian rhythm and the biological clock. I believe many friends know that animals basically have their own biological clock, that is, circadian rhythm, activities during the day, and we have to rest at night, otherwise our bodies will collapse. The same is true for other animals. There are also time for activity and rest. This circadian rhythm has been gradually formed since the birth of the moon, which affects the life of the earth. If the moon disappears, the circadian rhythms will change dramatically. At that time, the animal’s biological clock will be disordered, and so will human beings. The chaos of biological clock will seriously affect the survival of animals, and human life will also be greatly affected. < / P > < p > the third change is that the probability of the earth being hit by a small line will increase. We can see countless craters on the moon, most of which help the earth to block it. If some very large meteorites fall on the earth, it will be a devastating and terrible disaster. If there is no moon, the earth will lose a protection, the probability of being hit by an asteroid will increase. < / P > < p > from the above analysis, we can see how important the moon is to the earth. Some scientists have proposed to destroy the moon, and many people have supported it. Now that we know what the moon means to the earth, you will understand how stupid the proposal to destroy the moon is, not to save the earth, but to destroy it. < / P > < p > if there is an alien civilization invading the earth in the future, we should not only protect the earth, but also protect the moon. If the moon is destroyed by an alien civilization, even if human beings finally wipe out the invading aliens, we will be defeated in this interstellar war. In the end, we will have to give up the other planets, because there will be no significant changes in the ecology of the earth. New product launch