If we want to play a good game in quantum technology, we should listen to what scientists say

On October 16, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the 24th collective study on the research and application prospects of quantum science and technology, which was presided over by General Secretary Xi. The general secretary fully affirmed the importance of scientific and technological innovation, and advocated that “we should fully understand the importance and urgency of promoting the development of quantum science and technology, strengthen the strategic planning and systematic layout of quantum science and technology development, grasp the general trend, and play a good initiative.” After studying General Secretary Xi’s speech, he was greatly encouraged and felt deeply responsible. As researchers of quantum technology, it is our responsibility and mission to let China take a leading position in the research of quantum storage and quantum network Professor Li Chuanfeng of the University of science and technology of China, who has just won the Rao Yutai physics award of the Chinese physical society, told the reporter of science and technology daily. In his speech, the general secretary raised quantum science and technology to the height of promoting national high-quality development and ensuring national security, which was unprecedented before. It not only affirms the development of China’s Quantum Science and technology, but also points out the direction for the development of quantum science and technology. ” As the first scholar to engage in quantum research in China, Professor Han Zhengfu of China University of science and technology told reporters that quantum technology was a new technology, but it was not mentioned that it was a subversive technology and the direction and leader of future scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. < / P > < p > “quantum technology is not a technological innovation or application of new technology like blockchain. It is actually a direction of basic research from the bottom up, which will make all technologies change along with it. Emerging technologies are bound to bring about a major impact, which is just beginning. ” The general secretary’s speech on the summary of China’s Quantum Science and technology is both profound and objective. We fully affirmed our previous work. However, we should also see that there are still many shortcomings in our work and that development is facing multiple challenges. ” Han Zhengfu said. < / P > < p > “the development of quantum science and technology needs the support of surrounding high-tech and other disciplines. General Secretary Xi mentioned in particular that it is too important for us to strive to achieve self-control in key areas and ensure the safety of the industrial chain. ” Han Zhengfu told reporters that there are still a lot of testing instruments for quantum scientific research to be imported. “The instrument needs a precision and a stability. It’s very difficult for you to innovate. It needs a lot of users’ repeated trial and error before it can be gradually improved. Our atmosphere in this respect needs to be improved. ” Han Zhengfu said that quantum technology is a brand-new technology, which needs the society to treat it with an inclusive attitude. He has brought dozens of doctoral students. Some technologies may have been gradually formed by one or two students through years of research. In the initial stage, it may be that a few people are using them. It may be the needs of key users that make this technology begin to grow. “We need to have a good ecology, so that innovators have a lot of living space. There are a large number of such small companies abroad. It is their technology that gradually matures, which will lead the whole country to the forefront of science and technology. ” The general secretary’s speech has pointed out the direction for the development of China’s Quantum Science and technology, but we should also be vigilant against “rushing forward” and “falling down with mud and sand” in the development process Han Zhengfu said that in recent years, the “overheated” signs of quantum technology and industrial development have begun to appear in some places. To develop quantum science and technology, we should completely break the “small circle”, truly stand in the perspective of national development and shoulder the mission entrusted by the times. < p > < p > “the speech of the general secretary is an important wind vane for us who are engaged in quantum technology.” According to Guo Guoping, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of quantum information, Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of China University of science and technology, quantum science and technology has not been a simple science. As a quantum scientist, Professor Guo Guoping founded the first quantum computing company in China, Benyuan quantum, and served as the chief scientist. “The spirit of the general secretary’s speech is to drive development through application. The development of quantum technology can not be “self entertainment”, but should be guided by the needs of users. ” Guo Guoping told reporters that IBM’s quantum computing ecosystem and its industry alliance are actually users. It is far more important to build a user ecosystem and meet the needs of users driven and guided by user needs than to drive by researchers. < / P > < p > “in the application, enterprises should take the lead and seize the” meet the needs of users “. In the process of research and development, scientists should cooperate closely, rather than let them meditate alone. ” In Guo Guoping’s view, the development of quantum science and technology must not be confined to making a few samples, issuing some papers and holding several meetings. “If we really want to use it to meet the needs of users, we can enhance our national strength and maintain our competitive advantage.” < / P > < p > “we should encourage users to invest in their own money, and the state can subsidize it, not the state taking over everything. The general secretary said that we should ensure capital investment in the field of quantum science and technology, and at the same time drive local enterprises and society to increase investment, which is the direction. ” Guo Guoping believes that in the development of quantum science and technology, national investment has ranked among the top 10 in the world, and it is more important to let the state’s capital investment play a more effective role and play a key role in boosting. < / P > < p > “the performance of our domestic quantum computing software operating system is no worse than that of foreign countries. It has been uploaded to the website, but the download amount is very small. Why? Because we are not famous big enterprises like IBM and Google. Once they have formed this habit, they will be passive after they have taken advantage of it. ” Guo Guoping believes that the progress of quantum computing in the past two years is moving forward at a double exponential speed. The development of quantum computing in the future will also have to “start with dolls”. There should be corresponding policies to encourage universities to promote, learn their own quantum programming language, operating system, and support domestic enterprises to do it first. Because, “scientific research results will eventually face the market.” Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine