If you don’t want a new phone in September, just wait. The iPhone 12 and Huawei mate 40 are on their way!

Apple seems to be extending its product line this year, and cook also places high hopes on the iPhone 12. While continuing its own advantages, it aims to strengthen the elements valued by users, which may be a good popular flagship. Apple will be equipped with TSMC’s latest 5nm process A14 processor, which is also the most advanced chip technology we can know at present. With the ios14 system, it will form a stronger synergy ability, and the performance should be enough to crush the snapdragon and Kirin chips. < p > < p > the entire series of iphone12 will adopt Apple A14 chip with 5nm technology, which is the first 5nm chip launched by TSMC. Compared with the previous generation of Apple A13 chip, the CPU performance of Apple A14 chip is improved by about 17%, and the GPU is increased by about 8%, which seems to be a bit of “squeezing toothpaste”. However, considering the excellent single core and multi-core running score of apple a series chips, Apple’s A-Series chips have excellent single core and multi-core performance There is no need to worry about the performance of A14 chip. In addition, the iPhone 12 will also be the first apple mobile phone to support 5g network < / P > < p > the iPhone has successfully changed the entire mobile phone industry and made Apple quickly rise to be the company with the highest market value in the world. Apple’s dominance in the mobile phone industry has made it a target for competitors to imitate. Apple has become a traditional program of almost every manufacturer. In terms of mobile phone appearance and system UI, iPhone was copied for a long time in the past. #Apple’s iPhone 12 is more delicate, but it will inevitably have a feeling of cutting hands. So this time, Apple launched a super small 5.4-inch screen with a full screen design. The whole machine is even smaller than the classic iPhone 6, and the handle is guaranteed by smaller body and lighter weight. In the apple Conference on September 16, Apple was playing the new iPad In the air promotional film, there is a picture that seems to indicate the time of Apple’s next launch: September 30. < p > < p > Huawei mate40 series is on the way. “The new flagship of Huawei mate 40 will be released as scheduled in October, and we need to wait a little longer.” however, with the launch date approaching, Huawei mate 40 is almost the same as P40 in front, and it is still a double punch, and still has a large aperture. It seems that the middle Liu Hai has been moved to the side, which is not good-looking. However, it seems that the purpose of the back-up is to distinguish it from Huawei P40. Therefore, the Oreo design of Huawei mate30 is continued, and the P40 matrix module is changed into a circular module. Huawei mate 40 is single camera in front and dual camera in rear, while Sony imx588 and Sony imx516 are dual camera sensors in front of Huawei mate 40 pro. < p > < p > Huawei has released emui 11 at the developer conference. Huawei mate40 series machines probably run emui 11, so upgrade Hongmeng OS There is no problem with 2.0. In addition, this is a new generation of machine. Huawei will make some hardware optimization for Hongmeng OS, and the experience is better than the old machines before. If you want to experience the most “authentic” Hongmeng OS, Huawei mate40 series should be the best choice. #Huawei Hongmeng system ﹤ P > < p > for the new generation of Huawei Mate Series flagship mobile phones, it has the top-level Leica camera module, high-power optical zoom shooting experience, top-level Kirin 9000 5g SOC, 66W super fast charging and so on. It has brought great upgrading in many performance indicators. I don’t know such a Huawei mate Are you optimistic about the sales of series 40 flagship mobile phones? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area for discussion and look forward to your wonderful comments! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!