If you solve the battery problem, you can become the richest person in the world. Why is battery technology so influential?

Nowadays, electronic products have become an indispensable part of people’s daily life, such as mobile phones and computers, which are indispensable tools for people. Imagine that one day there will be no mobile phone computer available, and soon, it will be derailed with the development of the world. While this kind of portable electronic equipment has gradually become a common form, it is also accompanied by a difficult problem, that is, it is difficult to greatly improve the battery capacity. Since the invention of the first battery in 1800, the battery has gradually shown its irreplaceable. It can not only be used as the energy source of electronic products, but also as the backup power supply of aircraft and trains.

with the gradual elimination of fuel vehicles, the power provided by batteries will become the power source of many vehicles in the future. Therefore, the development prospect of battery is very broad. Such a broad market, however, can not be developed in a short period of time. Nowadays, mobile phones and other electronic devices use lithium batteries, which can be regarded as one of the best commercial batteries.

the energy density of lithium battery is high, and the battery capacity of lithium battery is more than 5 times that of lead-acid battery with the same weight. However, this is far from meeting the needs of electronic products such as mobile phones. If there are enough lithium batteries, it can provide enough power. However, portable devices require that the weight of the product should not exceed a certain standard. The weight of the battery is limited, and the power provided by lithium battery is also limited. It is because the various industries have an urgent demand for the improvement of battery capacity. Whoever can make a major breakthrough in battery technology and develop a commercial super battery can occupy the battery industry market. We can grasp the key to future development.

although there are many promising battery products in the research of new batteries. For example, graphene battery is a major research and development direction of the battery industry, but the production capacity of graphene is limited, and the production process of this battery is not mature. The charging speed is fast, the battery capacity is high, but with the disadvantage of instability, it is difficult to achieve large-scale commercial in the short term.

from another perspective, the improvement of battery capacity is the goal of battery technology development. Compared with battery charging fast and high capacity, manufacturers pay more attention to the reliability of battery products. If the battery is unstable, there will be a safety hazard, which is obviously not worth the loss. The problem of battery technology has been solved, which has a significant impact on the development of various industries. However, if only the battery capacity increased a little, it would not change the status quo of the battery industry. Because of the increasing speed of battery capacity, it can’t catch up with the increase of power consumption of mobile phones and other electronic products. It may solve the battery problem, monopolize the battery industry market, and can not become the richest person in the world.

only when all industries are inseparable from batteries can the participants who occupy this market have the dominant power. Maybe battery technology is just like mobile phone processor. Even if one company’s products are ahead of other manufacturers, it doesn’t mean that other manufacturers’ products will lose the market. Which industries do you think the breakthrough in battery technology will have a significant impact on?

Author: zmhuaxia