If you want to change Huawei, please don’t choose randomly. These four models are recognized as the best value for money

Although 5g high-end flagship represents the highest level of mobile phones, there are still more mobile phone users who like 5g mid-range phones in the market. Moreover, 5g mid-end computers are more reasonable in price and easier to impress consumers. After a period of investigation, Xiaobian found that Huawei’s 5g midrange is the best in quality. Now it’s October. If you want to change a Huawei 5g midrange, don’t choose randomly, because these four models are the favorite of insiders, and they are recognized as high configuration and low price. They will not be out of fashion in three or five years, so it can be said that you can make money by buying them. < / P > < p > although the first Huawei nova7 has been on the market for some time, the sales of this mobile phone in Huawei’s mobile phones can rank in the forefront, which is better than many high-end phones. Its features lie in its performance and front-end camera. Huawei nova7 does not use the Kirin 820 midrange processor, but carries the upgraded Kirin 985 processor with 4G flagship processor. In terms of performance, it is more stable and efficient, and can handle complex problems. The front camera is a 32 megapixel single shot, but it is proficient in short video and AI beauty. At present, the 8GB + 128GB version of Huawei nova7 is reduced to 2806 yuan. < / P > < p > the second glory 30s was launched earlier than Huawei nova7. However, with its excellent screen and camera, it also won the popularity of consumers. It is also a 5g mid-range machine worth starting with. The reason why the 6.5-inch eye screen of glory 30s has excellent display effect is that it is made of aluminosilicate glass, which is more excellent than ordinary glass material, and the details can be clearly displayed. In terms of camera configuration, the glory 30s adopts a macro range of 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel zoom + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle + 2 million pixel, with first-class imaging quality. The 8GB + 128GB version of the glory 30s has a lower price, only 2099 yuan. < / P > < p > the third Huawei nova7pro, this mobile phone belongs to the 5g middle end machine with outstanding design, especially suitable for consumers who like curved screen. The front of Huawei nova7pro adopts a curved screen with high curvature and OLED material. It has a wide field of vision and gives people a boundless feeling. Now the price of Huawei nova7pro has been greatly adjusted. The price of 8GB + 128GB version is 3389 yuan. < / P > < p > the fourth one is glory 30. Generally speaking, it is a relatively balanced 5g mid-end machine. It does not have any short boards, so it can’t be used as the main machine. The glory 30 is also an extremely lightweight 5g mid-range machine, with a thickness of 8.1 mm and a weight of 185 grams, which can be operated by one hand and not heavy. The 8-megapixel long-range focus equipped with glory 30 is even more outstanding. It supports 50 times digital zoom, and its long-range shooting ability is better than many 5g high-end computers. The 8GB + 128GB of glory 30 is on the official website for 2999 yuan. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia