If you want to live a more colorful life, these 5g mobile phones with high appearance value should not be missed

Young people are the main consumer in the mobile phone market. Mobile phone is the most personal and commonly used electronic equipment. So many young people in the purchase of mobile phones, they hope to select some high appearance value mobile phones, can show their personality. Today, we will give you a 5g mobile phone with outstanding design and workmanship. When reop < Pro > body has four kinds of color matching, such as crystal glass and bright silver, we can get four kinds of color matching, such as crystal glass and crystal black, to meet the needs of people. In addition, reno4 Pro also has a very thin body size, only 7.6 mm thick and only 172g in weight. It has excellent portability and grip. The screen of oppo reno4 Pro is also very good. The screen size is 6.5 inches. It is a hyperbolic flexible OLED screen with 2400 * 1080 resolution. It supports 90hz refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate. It has passed hdr10 + certification and Rhine low blue light certification. < / P > < p > oppo reno4 Pro has three rear cameras, which are 48 million pixel main camera, 12 million ultra wide angle lens, 12 million long focus lens, and 32 million front lens, which can meet the needs of photographing various scenes in daily life. < / P > < p > in addition, oppo reno4 Pro is equipped with snapdragon 765G chip, with excellent performance and smooth operation of various tasks. Oppo reno4 Pro supports 65W fast charging, with a battery capacity of 4000mAh, so you don’t have to worry about insufficient power when you go out. < / P > < p > vivo S7 also has outstanding appearance. The Ag frosting process is adopted to make the texture more delicate and moist, which makes it very comfortable to hold it. The fuselage adopts the color of moonlight white, which reveals the gentle temperament. In addition, the matte surface on the back will form a gorgeous light and shadow effect in the light. The front of the screen is fine and clear, and the resolution of the front screen is less than 1080.44, which can guarantee a clear display effect of OLED. In addition, vivo S7 brings the LTM local color mapping technology, which partitions the display content according to different display contents, suppresses the high light overexposure, optimizes the dark details, so as to be able to see the screen display content in the outdoor. The overall display effect is very outstanding. < / P > < p > vivo S7 adopts four rear cameras: 64 million pixel GW1 HD main camera + 8 million pixel 120 ° ultra wide angle camera + 2 million pixel camera, which belongs to the current mainstream camera configuration. It can present the best effect for scenery, people and night scene. In addition, there are 44 million AF front wide-angle dual camera, which is very outstanding in portrait. < p > < p > vivo S7 is equipped with snapdragon 765G processor, which can complete various tasks excellently. Vivo S7 also has a 4000mAh large battery built-in, which can guarantee sufficient battery life. In terms of charging, vivo S7 supports 33W flashcharge flash charging technology, which can charge 36 minutes in 15 minutes. < p > < p > realme V5, from the name, is enough personality. In terms of color matching, realme V5 has three colors: Silver winged youth, dawn light, and blue out of blue, all of which have a strong sense of youth in their names. The silver wing youth adopts the bold logo design design, while the light of dawn and the blue out of blue adopts the new light mute mosaic design of dislocation mirror, which is very recognizable. < / P > < p > realme V5 has a high-quality screen, the screen size is 6.5 inches, the proportion of the screen is 90.7%, and the 90hz high refresh rate is adopted, the screen proportion is 20:9, giving a clear, smooth and open visual experience. < / P > < p > realme V5 has four rear cameras, namely, 48 million super clear main camera, 8 million wide-angle lens, black-and-white lens and portrait lens, and the front-end is 16 million portrait lens. The division of labor of the four lenses is clear and collaborative, and visual optimization is carried out for different scenes to meet the needs of daily photography. < p > < p > realme V5 is also equipped with Tianji 7205g chip and advanced 7Nm manufacturing process, which has strong performance and perfectly supports 5g network. Realme V5 also provides 30W smart flash charging, which can charge for 3 minutes and listen to songs for 5 hours. In addition, the trickle charging speed is increased by 200% and the conversion rate is as high as 100%. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo