Implementation method of vision + roadmap: linear + framework!

Linear + frame. When you see the linear + frame, you will feel that it is very simple, but it took a very long time to identify them. In a word, linear + frame matching, blade distinguishes frame and linear application range line, sexual thinking finds the end point, and frame thinking finds “the road map to the end point”! < / P > < p > there are more and more people who like thinking models. But after you learn a lot of thinking models, will you have some confusion and doubts? How can these thinking models be organized and applied? But when asking such a question to myself, I spent a long time exploring and found a simple way, which can be said to be an extremely simple way, that is to take “linear + frame” to use all the models in your brain. < / P > < p > linear framelinear + framehow do you think about “linear + framing”? You may as well think independently first! What I’m talking about below is based on some personal experiences and experiences. It’s a perspective designed by myself. < / P > < p > I once wrote a column “systematic thinking methodology”. Behind the construction of this column, there is an exclusive perspective of our own, which is “linear + framework”. Let’s take a look at the framework of system thinking extracted by ourselves. There are eight elements < / P > < p > vision, purpose, function, mental structure of system realization, and corresponding structural form mode of system If you are interested in this system thinking framework, you can refer to my column: systematic thinking methodology, which will not be introduced in detail here. In fact, these eight elements are interwoven by two thinking clues < / P > < p > starting from the future vision, this is linear thinking, which is simplified here as linear thinking. To realize the vision with a system is a framework thinking, which is simplified here to say: framework. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer