Improve data security protection matrix, three innovative technology invention patents of Ming Dynasty Wanda were approved

Beijing, August 18 (Xinhua) a few days ago, the Ming Dynasty Wanda independently developed “load balancing method, load balancing device and server”, “disk control method and device of mobile storage device”, “a permission control method and device” ”The three innovative technologies have successfully passed the strict examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and officially obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. < / P > < p > Ming Dynasty Wanda always takes protecting the value of user data as its own responsibility, and is committed to making security truly serve business development. While adhering to scientific and technological innovation, we should pay attention to the deep integration of technology and business, and provide customized data security solutions for customers. < / P > < p > the invention provides a load balancing method, device and server, which includes: receiving multiple groups of heartbeat information from multiple mail gateways, wherein each group of heartbeat information includes the load information of mail gateway; calculating the load weight of each mail gateway according to the load information in the heartbeat information of each mail gateway; and calculating the load weight of each mail gateway if receiving the heartbeat information from mail gateway Then, the mail to be sent is forwarded to the target mail gateway corresponding to the maximum load weight, so that the target mail gateway can process the mail to be sent. < / P > < p > the invention makes each mail gateway in the working state, and forwards the mail to be sent to the mail gateway with the maximum load weight for processing, so as to improve the efficiency of mail gateway processing mail, and make multiple mail gateways work in a balanced way. < / P > < p > the embodiment of the invention provides a disk control method and device for a mobile storage device, which includes: compressing the disk data to make it free two free spaces at the tail; when encrypting the compressed data, first write the data in the backup encryption header in the last free space, and then read the data of one cluster each time from the back to the front After encryption, the length of an encryption head is shifted backward to write the encrypted data of the cluster. In this way, the volume can be encrypted by continuously reading and writing the encrypted data. Finally, the data of the main encryption head is written in the free space of the first encryption head of the disk. < / P > < p > without changing the original data of the mobile device, the invention can make enough security space in the head and tail of the mobile device storage to store the encryption key and other information, so as to make the encrypted data more secure, greatly reduce the risk of data loss, and improve the security of the mobile storage device. < / P > < p > the invention provides a permission control method and device, which includes: when receiving the permission control request, obtaining the permission information of each role; classifying and caching the permission information according to the different roles; searching the target permission set information of the current user corresponding to the target role in the cached permission information according to the target role of the current user; retrieving the permission set information of the current user corresponding to the target role from the target role Search the menu level permission set information in the permission set information; send the menu level permission set information to the client; receive the trigger request from the client for the target menu in multiple displayed menus, and determine the target page corresponding to the trigger request; determine the current user’s permission in the target page according to the button level permission information in the target permission set information and the button information of the target page In response to the trigger request, the button level permission set information is sent to the client. < / P > < p > as a new generation of information security technology enterprise in China, Ming Dynasty Wanda focuses on data security, public security, cloud security, big data security and other services. Its customers cover finance, government, public security, telecom operators and many other fields, among which the market share of data security in the financial field exceeds 80%. < p > < p > Ming Dynasty Wanda always takes technological innovation as the foundation of the enterprise. As of June 2020, the company has applied for more than 300 invention and technology patents, with a total of nearly 100 authorized patents. A number of technologies have filled the domestic gap and reached the world advanced level. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”