In 2020, why did I buy a camera from eight years ago?

For example, jijijihao, who sits on the opposite side of Tony, especially likes to take films. He thinks that the pictures taken with film will look very impressive, which is totally different from those taken with mobile phones. The latter has a strong digital flavor. For this reason, he specially put in a pile of film to cope with the continuous increase in film price in the past two years. If he took one film of different types in the cabinet every day, it would be enough for him to play for several years, which would be a pity to see Tony. However, Budweiser, sitting at the other end, firmly believes that micro order is the future, so he started to use Sony’s digital camera a long time ago, combined with the auto focus technology of Niu Jie, which is a quick and accurate way to take photos. < / P > < p > none of the photos produced by others are pasted. When taking photos, just take care of the composition. When the photos are bright or dark, they can be transferred back to the computer for processing, which saves time and mind. < / P > < p > the reason is very simple. Whether it’s a film maker, a digital camera or a Polaroid, you have to spend a lot of money to buy these equipment first; then you have to buy lens or film, which is a big expense. < / P > < p > today’s cameras on the market often cost tens of thousands of yuan. In addition, the prices of other photography related things are always not guaranteed. It is not unreasonable to sell a lens for more than 100000 yuan. < / P > < p > it’s no wonder that some people say “photography is the art of using light”. Light here not only refers to the light in literal sense, but also represents spending all the money. This sentence can be said to describe photography appropriately. < / P > < p > even though the photo taking function of mobile phones is becoming stronger and stronger, it is undeniable that playing photography with mobile phones will inevitably make people feel a little bit worse. Taking photos with a camera, apart from other things, there is always a sense of ceremony in photography ~ < / P > < p > as you can see, the front “Fujifilm x-pro1” is a kind of “Fujifilm x-pro1” It was Tony who spent more than 1000 yuan on a second-hand platform to collect the camera. It was first sold in 2012, and the initial price was about 10000 yuan. This is the first replaceable lens digital camera launched by Fuji, an old film manufacturer. X-pro1 is a test of its new business, and it can also be said that this is the beginning of Fuji X series cameras. < / P > < p > it’s not that it’s designed to look good, but it’s definitely not vulgar. Put it together with other cameras with similar design, I’m sure you’ll notice it. “Literary retro” is the first impression of many people. < / P > < p > this is because of x-pro1 Although it is a digital camera, its appearance is designed according to the side axis modeling of film camera. If there is a bad friend who doesn’t know what the side axis is, the following two cameras are: < / P > < p > the obvious feature of side axis camera is that there will be an independent optical viewfinder on the camera. Even if the lens is covered, we can see the front of the camera from the viewfinder The scene. < / P > < p > and the x-pro1 not only imitates the appearance of the paraxial camera, but also makes a “hybrid viewfinder” on the viewfinder, which allows the camera to switch freely between the optical viewfinder and the electronic viewfinder. < / P > < p > in optical viewfinder mode, it can bring us a wider field of vision, even if it is not in the scope of the lens shooting environment, we can see, convenient to adjust the composition at any time, especially suitable for street photography. < / P > < p > in the electronic viewfinder mode, what we can see from the viewfinder is the final appearance of the camera. It is clear at a glance whether the focusing is accurate and whether the exposure is normal. For Xiaobai, there is almost no threshold. In this way, x-pro1 not only has the feeling of side axis film camera, but also does not abandon the ease of use of digital camera. It can be said that it can kill two birds with one stone ~ < / P > < p > first of all, its 16 megapixel sensor can not be put on the table now. The current camera pixels are generally 24 million or even 48 million or more, and the x-pro1 pixels can only be said to be just about. < / P > < p > secondly, because it is an old camera, it will certainly be crushed by the current camera in terms of auto focus, and other functions such as touch screen and WiFi image transfer to mobile phone are naturally not available. < / P > < p > although this camera inevitably lags behind in terms of performance and parameters, Tony wants to say that if we use it as a tool to record our daily life, it will be more than enough. < / P > < p > images in JPEG format average 4 Mb / piece; raw format photos average 30 MB / piece. The image quality of x-pro1 photos is competent for most shooting scenes and contents. < / P > < p > the same is true for night photography. After getting used to the night scenes taken with mobile phone super night scenes, the purity of the x-pro1 picture is somewhat beyond Tony’s expectation, and the camera’s “bottom up level kills people” is really not covered. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Fuji, as a film giant, has added several unique film simulation modes to x-pro1, which can simulate the color of film as much as possible on digital photos. < / P > < p > to say that many novices have a mistake in photography, that is, the more advanced the camera I use, the more beautiful the photos will be. But in fact, whether a photo is taken well or not has nothing to do with the performance parameters of the camera. < / P > < p > in the mobile phone can produce blockbusters now, a lot of times the idea that “no money to buy good photographic equipment can’t produce good films” is just an excuse for us not to take good photos… < / P > < p > What’s more, although the price of many old cameras has dropped to freezing point, they were definitely flagship at that time. At that time, people didn’t take them to work and eat? When Tony wrote this article, it was a week before he got the camera. He hung it around his neck almost every day. When he met with good weather, he even had an impulse to take it out to take pictures. < / P > < p > but the stupid and bulky SLR I used before never mentioned any interest in taking pictures. Even though its performance is no longer powerful, it is useless. Most of the time, I am eating ashes. < / P > < p > therefore, if you are considering photography recently, you might as well consider taking a cheap camera to test the water. You don’t have to choose x-pro1 like Tony. The old cameras of other brands have their own characteristics. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo