In addition to its son, oppo takes the lead in Android 11

In the early hours of the morning, in addition to people’s long waiting time, Apple released its autumn launch time, while Google officially released the official version of Android 11. Of course, as Google’s “Pro son” series, pixel can download updates for the first time. For the domestic market, oppo has taken the lead in “tasting fresh food”. < p > < p > it is understood that the new features of Android 11 are: the system interface supports personalized customization, and the whole UI can be personalized no matter the desktop or control center, which strengthens the multi terminal interconnection, such as watch interconnection supporting alarm clock synchronization, mobile phone interconnection supporting screen sharing and other operations. If you don’t apply, you don’t need to worry about it. Keep an eye on the brand dynamics of mobile phones and don’t be impatient. Science Discovery