In addition to “take a picture”, wechat also updates the functions that users have been waiting for for for a long time, and the IOS version can be tasted

Every wechat update will become the focus of discussion among netizens. On June 17, wechat launched a new function called “Pai Yi Pai”. Although this function is very interesting, it also makes a lot of jokes and misunderstandings. OK, this problem has finally been solved. In wechat IOS 7.0.15, “Pai Yi Pai” can be withdrawn, and there is a hidden new function. < / P > < p > according to many netizens, wechat 7.0.15, which is suitable for IOS version, has been launched with the function of “friend comments in the circle of friends can be deleted at will”. In this way, we can delete the comments from other people’s circle of friends. We just need to find our own friends’ circle news and the comment that we don’t want to see, and long press to delete it, so as to realize the real effect“ I’m in charge of my territory. “. < / P > < p > however, it should be noted that after deleting the comments from the circle of friends, the other party will see the prompt “the comment has been deleted” in the original position of the comment. This design is really embarrassing. Because when a friend swipes into your circle of friends again, his previous comments will become “comments have been deleted”. This is equivalent to telling the other party frankly that you deleted his comments. This may cause some unnecessary misunderstandings, which may be more difficult to handle than receiving inappropriate comments. < / P > < p > in addition, the function of “deleting comments from friends circle” is only applicable to wechat 7.0.15 in IOS version, and there is no delete button in Android version of wechat 7.0.17, so you can only see the prompt “comment has been deleted”. < / P > < p > for this function, some netizens said that “although this function is not a big function, but in terms of user experience, it is really more humanized. Finally, their own circle of friends can make their own decisions. If they see that they don’t like comments, they can delete them directly. However, some netizens think that it should be done more humanized, such as deleting the prompt after deletion Interest can be removed so as to avoid many unnecessary misunderstandings. And the author also thinks that after deletion, there will be a “comment has been deleted” prompt, which is somewhat embarrassing. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction