In addition to the anti-bacterial book cover, there are also these “miraculous beasts” sold in cages

With the opening of schools all over the country, the campaign of “buying, buying and exchanging” has also begun. This year’s school season epidemic prevention supplies, teaching materials, stationery and other “opening” supplies, ushered in a small sales peak. < / P > < p > in bookstores or supermarkets, among all kinds of stationery, the book cover exhibition area is especially crowded, and the “antibacterial book cover” launched in response to the epidemic situation is very popular. In a bookstore, a shopping guide said: “this year, traditional products such as kraft paper cover, self-adhesive book cover and plastic book cover are still retained, but the sales volume of the new anti-bacterial book cover is far ahead.” In addition to the “antibacterial book cover”,

also launched a “school epidemic prevention suit”, which included many kinds of products, such as hand free gel, high-grade first-aid kit, anti epidemic mask, waste masks storage bag, mask closure pocket, bacteriostatic and wet towel, and so on. < / P > < p > big data shows that the search fever of “school opening time” related content has increased year-on-year. On the Internet, such as “how long can a disposable mask be worn”, “which brand of mask is good”, “how long is the validity period of disinfectant after opening” become hot issues related to “school opening epidemic prevention supplies”. < / P > < p > in the new semester, we should not only do a good job in safety protection, but also change a new set of cultural and educational products to make a good impression. It is also a necessary link for many families to start school. Many parents also want to take advantage of new stationery, so that children have a sense of ceremony to welcome the new semester. < / P > < p > the opening season of every year is the hot season of electronic product consumption. Among the “hot products related to the beginning of school”, mobile phone ranked first in search popularity. Notebook computers, e-books, tablets are also the eyes of students and parents “favorite.”. Sales of electronic products such as tape recorders, repeaters, dot readers and even earphones, as well as pencil boxes, rulers, books and other stationery products have increased significantly. In addition, due to the implementation of the “non necessary not to go out” policy in Colleges and universities after the beginning of the school year, college students have begun to “show their magic powers” and launch a “inventory war” to make full preparation for the “dormitory squatting”. Baidu search data show that adhering to the principle of “eating is the top priority of life”, food related accounts for 50% of the top 10 hot topics related to “College Students’ inventory list”. Among them, “what kind of snacks will be stored in dormitories” ranked first, and “what brand of self heating hot pot is the best to eat” ranked second, and self heating small hot pot has become a new favorite of students. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!