In addition to the iPhone 12, Apple will release seven iPads and eight apple watch series 6

Recently, seven new variants of the iPad and eight variants of the “Apple watch series 6” were listed on the Eurasian Economic Commission website, which usually means they will be released soon. < / P > < p > as previously rumored, with the launch of the Eurasian Economic Commission regulatory database, apple is expected to release “Apple watch series 6” and a new iPad soon, listing a total of seven new iPad SKUs and eight apple watches. < / P > < p > although the EEC list never contains any more detailed information, each entry has its own Apple ID. Sometimes, after making some unspecified changes, you can relist the model on the database, but the previous model is not listed now. < / P > < p > all Apple devices must be listed in the EEC database before they can be published, but the list does not guarantee that the device is coming. It’s unlikely that Apple will be able to get to this stage at the time of product launch and then change its mind, but that could happen. < / P > < p > there is no clear timetable from the list to the final release. However, similar lists were released on the new iPad in July 2019, followed by a release of them in September. As a result, August’s launch will coincide with Apple’s new iPad and apple watch releases in September or October. Apple has previously said the normal launch of its iPhone will be delayed by several weeks. The probable event is that the listed iPad and apple watch may be exposed at an event in October. However, recent reports claim that the “Apple watch series 6” may be released through a press conference. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?