In another 28 days, Huawei’s strongest mobile phone chip will appear, and its performance is expected to surpass that of Qualcomm snapdragon 865

As the core accessory of mobile phone, processor determines the upper limit of mobile phone strength. As a result, phones with stronger chips tend to be more popular with consumers. < p > < p > at present, the most popular processor to be discussed is Kirin 1000. According to the latest information given by teme, a well-known overseas informant, the Kirin 1000 chip will be released 28 days later on September 5. No surprise, Kirin 1000 will become the world’s first processor built with 5nm technology, compared with the previous generation of Kirin 9905g. The performance of Kirin 1000 has been improved by 50%, and surpassing the snapdragon 865 is no problem. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Kirin 1000 will always be Huawei’s strongest mobile phone chip in the short term as the new US ban has been implemented. Previously, it was pointed out that the cost of Kirin 1000 processor is higher than that of Apple A14 chip, which also makes consumers expect more from the processor. In my opinion, Kirin 1000 chip does not have the possibility of anti surpassing Apple A14 chip. < p > < p > because Apple A14 is also based on 5nm technology, and performance has always been the advantage of Apple processor. Compared with the high-tech processor or Kirin chip, Apple’s A-Series processor has a higher degree of self-developed processor architecture, which can further explore the CPU performance. Moreover, the A-Series chip does not use arm’s GPU. Apple has always purchased customized GPU from imagination tech, which is the fundamental reason why Apple’s A-Series image performance is far ahead of its competitors. < / P > < p > of course, for Kirin 1000 chip, the rival of Apple A14 chip will not have a great impact on its status. After all, the A-Series chips are exclusive to apple and will not flow to the market. Kirin’s main competitors are Qualcomm and MediaTek. According to the latest news, Samsung’s 5nm process yield is not high, so the production of Qualcomm snapdragon 875 processor needs the help of TSMC. < / P > < p > in addition, the 5nm chips of MediaTek are also manufactured by TSMC. Considering the limited capacity of TSMC’s 5nm production line at present, it is necessary to wait until the first quarter of next year if the snapdragon 875 and MediaTek 5nm process processors want to go on the market. By then, the Kirin 1000 processor should be out of stock in the market. In short, the Kirin 1000 processor will always be the strongest chip in the Android camp during the sales period. Skip to content