In depth analysis! The mystery behind iqoo 5 pro’s 15 minute full blood Resurrection

Not long ago, netizens raised a question, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet. The question is: what is the most dissatisfied place for today’s smart phones? It is not difficult to find that after browsing the comment area, almost half of the netizens’ answers are the same – battery life. Indeed, the advent of 5g era makes the comprehensive performance of smart phones further improved. At the same time, with the addition of high-speed screen, multi camera and higher performance processor, the power consumption of smart phones is also rising. Therefore, endurance has become a common short board of many smart phones in the market. < / P > < p > due to the limited internal space of mobile phones and the battery technology, there has been no substantial progress. Therefore, the major mobile phone manufacturers put the direction of improving the service life of mobile phones on the charging technology. Recently, some mobile phone manufacturers have announced their latest fast charging technology, almost all of which exceed 100W. For example, the iqoo 5 pro, the new flagship of iqoo recently released, is equipped with the current industry’s top 120W ultra fast flash charging, achieving a more extreme charging experience. < / P > < p > in fact, iqoo has always had an absolute say in fast charging technology. As we all know, the speed of mobile phone charging depends on the charging power, which is equal to the charging voltage and charging current. Therefore, if you want to get higher power charging speed, these two are undoubtedly the most critical factors. At present, there are two main charging technologies in the market, one is high-voltage small current, the other is low-voltage large current. Although these two technologies can effectively improve the charging power of mobile phones, they have different defects. For example, high voltage small current, it is easy to appear heating when charging. However, low voltage and high current will affect the charging and discharging life of the battery. After continuous exploration and practice, iqoo adopts a more secure and mature technology charge pump half voltage. The charge pump half voltage technology used in iqoo can be said to perfectly take into account the technical advantages of high voltage small current and low voltage large current, and also solve the problems existing in both. Therefore, charge pump half voltage technology has been favored by Xiaomi, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers. The principle of charge pump half voltage technology is that when the current flows into the battery along the charger, it will depressurize the charging voltage and convert it into the voltage suitable for the battery, so as to achieve the same charging efficiency as the high-voltage direct charging. However, the charge pump half voltage technology alone can not realize the 120W ultra fast flash charging technology. In this regard, iqoo also fundamentally strengthens the current input. First of all, iqoo optimized the original battery solution and brought the first 6C cell in the industry. Combined with the technology of double charge pump half voltage and double core series connection, the charge conversion rate is increased from 97% to 98.5%, which greatly improves the charging speed. According to the test data, when using 120W ultra fast flash charging technology to charge, it only takes 15 minutes to fully charge 100%. < / P > < p > in addition, based on a number of technologies, iqoo’s 120W ultra fast flash charging can support 100 ~ 240V wide voltage input, even in areas or countries with insufficient power supply or other areas or countries with less than 220 V, they can enjoy the convenience of 120W ultra fast flash charging. It can be said that the successful mass production of iqoo 120W ultra fast flash charging technology will be another innovation of charging technology in mobile phone industry. < / P > < p > of course, for such a high charging power, I believe many friends will consider safety issues. In this aspect, the safety of 120W ultra fast flash charging has been optimized, which makes the mobile phone have faster and more stable charging speed, and the security is also greatly improved. For example, in terms of battery structure, iqoo has brought innovative “MTW” array ear structure. Through this technology, the ear can be put out in each winding layer, so that the cells are connected in parallel, thus greatly reducing the resistance of positive and negative electrodes, and reducing the generation of battery heating from the source. < / P > < p > not only that, iqoo adds two independent temperature control induction chips in the charger, which can intelligently adjust the input and output voltage according to the use state, making the whole charging process more stable and safe. Moreover, iqoo 5 Pro also greatly upgrades and optimizes the heat dissipation configuration of the whole machine, which further improves the thermal performance of the fuselage. < / P > < p > thanks to the rapid progress of many mobile phone manufacturers in fast charging technology, I believe that the problem of battery life that plagues users will be effectively improved. Iqoo, as a mobile phone brand established only one year ago, has outstanding performance in performance, 5g and high screen swipe popularity. Coupled with this breakthrough in the fast charging technology, such iqoo makes people can’t help but give a thumbs up. At present, iqoo 5 Pro is in the process of hot booking. Interested partners may go to iqoo official website for further understanding. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?