In depth analysis: which one should I buy, one plus 8t and Xiaomi 10?

In fact, if you use cost performance as the first factor in buying a mobile phone, Yijia has no way to fight Xiaomi. Although Xiaomi has always wanted to go to the high end, its selling point is still cost-effective. However, Yijia continued to find selling points in hardware, but the price was never “user-friendly”. < / P > < p > I believe this is what many people have said. We do not contradict the hardware of Yijia, but the system is a little inconvenient, or a little “crude”. Although hydrogenos 11 is better than the previous system, in terms of experience, MIUI is a complete winner. This time, we will analyze it from two aspects of hardware and system. < / P > < p > from the hardware point of view, I think that the hardware quality of Yijia is higher and the quality control is relatively better, whether it is the past models or the oneplus 8t and Xiaomi 10 just released. < / P > < p > from the hardware point of view, the screen is a more important link. One plus is a straight screen, and millet is a curved surface, which will be a relatively easy place to choose. If we talk about the screen quality, I don’t think there will be any obvious difference. The one plus screen has not been so bad since one plus seven pro. However, the screen of Xiaomi 10 at this stage may be more domestic, and the quality will not be significantly different. The difference between 90hz and 120Hz is very small, so you don’t need to care about this. The camera is the biggest difference between the two mobile phones. Xiaomi uses the main camera of 100 million pixels. Although other lenses are not of great use, this camera alone can beat one plus in the comparison of various photos taken by the media. Moreover, the photo taking of a mobile phone has never been better. < / P > < p > however, there is a suspense this time. The main camera with 8t is Sony Imx586, although this camera can’t compare with Xiaomi in the details of photos, this camera should be regarded as one of the most used cameras in recent years. Its optimization scheme is very perfect, which can be said to be a very mature camera. If it can be optimized, it can perform very well in the photographic experience. This suspense will be concluded in our later evaluation 。 < / P > < p > in our previous evaluation, the performance of Xiaomi 10 in photographing was not bad. Although it had some shortcomings, it was not bad at 3000 yuan. These two mobile phones can meet people’s daily needs. If you say that you just like to take photos, you can use technology to make up for their shortcomings. < / P > < p > of course, in our Xiaomi 10 evaluation, the message said that it was just scanning the code. It is not necessary to be so harsh. You are not qualified to despise imx586, because other people scan the code very well. < / P > < p > charging is the link you want. One plus 8t supports 65W wired charging, which is much faster than Xiaomi 10’s 30W, but Xiaomi 10 supports 30W wireless charging, while one plus 8t does not. If you have never used wireless charging, I guess you will choose 65W; if you are used to wireless charging, you may hesitate to buy millet 10. < / P > < p > from my personal point of view, in fact, what I want is 65W cable charging and 30W wireless charging. There are obvious regrets for both mobile phones. If I have to choose one, I will give priority to 65W cable charging, which can save a lot of charging time. Especially after getting used to Xiaomi’s 120W fast charging, charging too slowly will be uncomfortable. < / P > < p > although the battery of xiaomi-10 is a little larger, these two mobile phones are not power-saving products. The endurance of xiaomi-10 is always one day, which is just a matter of how much is left before going to bed. The battery life of a mobile phone has never been better. The only hope is whether the new system can be optimized better this time. In terms of memory and flash memory, the two mobile phones have their own advantages, but if you don’t tell you about this advantage, you can’t find it or use it. You can only see the difference from the numbers when running points, so this place doesn’t have to be too tangled. < / P > < p > the one plus 8t tpye-c interface is USB 3.1 GEN1, which has crushed millet for 2.0N times for parameter party. But if you think about it carefully, how long have you not used data cable to transmit things? So… From a parametric point of view, one plus 8t is a matter of conscience. From a practical point of view, I suggest that you should not be too entangled, except for parameter party. < / P > < p > the three dimensions of the two mobile phones are obviously better than 8t. First of all, you won’t feel “pressing your hand” when you hold it. If you often watch mobile news or mobile phone related content, you should find that oppo and vivo have started to be light and thin since this year, so their sons will also inherit this tradition. < / P > < p > price is the core factor that can determine whether a mobile phone is really fragrant or not. Although the iPhone se has been criticized as shit by people, it has won the first sales volume as soon as the price is reduced. Similarly, Android phones also have this problem. As long as the price is right, all shortcomings will disappear. < / P > < p > we can find that the price of one plus 8t is very attractive this time. Its official website price is even cheaper than the PDD price of Xiaomi 10. The problem is that from the perspective of hardware, one plus 8t is totally different. For 12gb version, it is 700 yuan cheaper. In the case of almost the same basic performance, such a price difference is very attractive. And this 700 yuan, you may be spending money for Xiaomi’s MIUI. < / P > < p > although Yijia has been upgraded to hydrogenos 11, there is still a big gap between its daily experience and that of MIUI 12. Although there are almost all functions, the visual experience and interactive experience are completely different. MIUI is more humanized, and Yijia is more suitable for the simple logical thinking of foreigners. < / P > < p > many people say that it would be nice if Yijia could use coloros 11. In fact, Yijia and oppo already have the meaning of Huawei and glory. However, Yijia has just returned, it is impossible to get through with the oppo team so soon. This will take some time. < / P > < p > after getting through with each other, coloros 11 and hydrogenos 11 will basically change their theme. The underlying things are universal, and then the app store and other things can be used together. But the style of hydrogenos 11 will not change, because it is a unique identification mark. Without hydrogenos 11, there will be no addition. It is another series of oppo called “oneplus”. < / P > < p > however, if you want to enhance your selling point, you can use dual system to support switching coloros 11. Although it sounds good on the surface, if users run coloros 11, hydrogenos 11 will be dead in name and even become a mobile phone theme of coloros 11. < / P > < p > in conclusion, we will release more in-depth one plus 8t experience later. Judging from the current situation, one plus 8t can not pose too obvious threat to Xiaomi 10, but it has sufficient competitiveness. It is one of the most worthwhile mobile phones in recent years. < / P > < p > who are you buying? If you don’t have a high budget and like to play games, one plus 8t is preferred; if you like MIUI, you can only buy millet 10 with no choice. Science Discovery