In fact, it is not difficult to make multi-level drop-down menu with automatic update in Excel. It can be done in four steps

Hello, everyone. Today, I’d like to share with you how to make a multi-level drop-down. The multi-level drop-down function is commonly used for data entry. It can determine the input range of the next level of data according to the data we input. As shown in the figure below, in the level 1 drop-down, we can only select domestic manufacturers in the secondary drop-down Huawei can only choose Huawei’s mobile phone model. This is its effect, and this operation is not difficult. Let’s do it once. < / P > < p > first of all, we need to sort out the data format. Here, the first value of each column of data is the upper level of the following data. For example, in the first column of data, the first value is domestic, and the next is For domestic data manufacturers, in the third column of data, the first value is Huawei, and the following is Huawei’s mobile phone model. By analogy, if you need to make several levels of drop-down menus, you need to sort out several groups of data. Here we make a three-level drop-down menu, so that there are three groups of data < / P > < p > then we select our good data area and press the shortcut key CTRL + G calls out the location, then selects the location condition, then selects the constant, and then clicks OK. In this way, the non empty data area is selected. Then we click the formula function group to find the creation according to the selected content. In the pop-up interface, we only select the first line and click OK. So far, the production of the level 1 drop-down of < / P > < p > is very simple, we only need to select To set the cell, then find the data validation, select the sequence in the allow, and then select the location of the two cells at home and abroad < / P > < p > similarly, we need to click the cell to be set, then click data verification, select the sequence in the allowed, and then we enter the function = indirect. Here we need to pay attention to the unit D9 Cell D9 is the position of level 1 drop-down menu that we have just set. < / P > < p > the method of setting level 3 drop-down menu is similar to that of level 2 drop-down menu. We only need to set the formula to = direct to complete < / P > < p > when we have finished making, we only need to select these three drop-down menus and then push them down, and the pull-down menu will be automatically realized At this point, we have finished the setting of the drop-down menu < / P > < p > when the drop-down menu is set and new data is entered later, it cannot be automatically updated. At this time, we only need to convert the normal table to the super table to realize the automatic update of the drop-down menu. Because the length of the data is different, we need to set < a one by one in this step href= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”