In fact, the old mobile phone giant didn’t fall. The female boss changed her field and won the first place in China’s sales volume

In the process of the development of the mobile phone industry, many old giants failed to keep up with the times and eventually went to decline. Nokia, for example, has been ranked first in the global mobile phone market for more than ten years in a row. However, in the process of its transformation from a function machine to a smart phone, it has been “photographed on the beach”, and its sales volume has so far been unsatisfactory.

besides Nokia, HTC, an old mobile phone giant, is also a typical example. HTC was founded in 1997, and the world’s First Android phone is from HTC. Moreover, HTC also released the world’s first dual camera phone and the world’s first integrated metal mobile phone. With its leading technology, HTC was once a mobile phone giant that cannot be ignored.

because HTC mobile phones perform well in appearance design and product performance, consumers once took pride in purchasing HTC mobile phones. At its peak, HTC’s annual shipment volume reached 43.5 million units, ranking the fifth in the world. However, due to Samsung’s continuous technological innovation and restrictions on HTC parts supply, HTC sales declined.

after HTC failed in the competition with Samsung, HTC fell into a patent war with apple in 2010, and HTC did not have profound technology accumulation skills, so it was defeated by apple and Samsung in the European market. But it never rains, and HTC was later sued by Nokia.

a series of events have led HTC to decline. After the rise of the four domestic giants, HTC’s mobile phone business is in crisis. In 2017, HTC’s share of the global market has fallen to 0.68%. In 2018, HTC took off all mobile phones on various e-commerce platforms in China, and recently closed down Chinese communities.

in the smartphone market, HTC is no longer what it was, so many consumers mistakenly believe that this giant has fallen. But in fact, HTC’s female boss changed her field and won the first place in China. Today’s chairman of HTC is Xuehong, the queen of Wang Yongqing, who focuses the company’s development on VR market.

in 2015, HTC released the vr virtual reality helmet product HTC vive, and then successively launched a number of products to improve the layout in the VR field. Although the domestic VR market is relatively small, according to relevant data, HTC’s vive series VR products have entered hundreds of offline entertainment markets around the world, and even launched enterprise level VR tools.

at present, HTC’s VR product shipment accounts for 35.7% of China’s high-end VR market, ranking first in China. It is worth noting that only HTC can build a complete ecology in VR field.

although there are still difficulties in the comprehensive promotion of VR products, with the advent of 5g era, the development prospect of VR products is more impressive, and the future of HTC is worth looking forward to. So, what do you think of HTC’s future development? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

Author: zmhuaxia