In July, the praise list changed again. Huawei was on the list with its strength, and Meizu was the most popular. Xiaomi?

Recently, antutou released the Android mobile phone praise list in July 2020. There are ten mobile phones on the list. The first is Samsung S20 ultra, Meizu 17 pro and Meizu 17. No one expected Meizu to become the biggest winner. However, Meizu has always had the embarrassment of “reputation never lost and sales volume never won”, and this time is no exception. < / P > < p > in addition, the high praise list is selected based on the high praise rate of the major online platforms. Generally speaking, the lower the sales volume, the higher the positive rate, and the lower the positive rate. < / P > < p > although Samsung note20 ultra has been released, the starting price of 9199 yuan is far less than that of Samsung s20ultra. After more than half a year’s sales, this mobile phone has dropped to a new low price, and some platforms can be purchased for only 6000 or 7000 yuan. < p > < p > S20 ultra adopts 6.9-inch 2K resolution super AMOLED flexible curved surface screen, supports ultrasonic screen fingerprint identification and 120Hz refresh rate, carries snapdragon 865 processor, provides 12 + 256gb storage combination, front 40 million pixel single shot, rear 108 million pixel main camera + 48 million pixel periscope long focus + 12 million pixel ultra wide angle + VGA combination. Built in 5000mAh battery, supporting 45W wired fast charging and wireless charging. < / P > < p > due to the high price, all the Samsung s20ultra purchases are real star powder. Naturally, the evaluation is mainly based on high praise. It’s not surprising to get the first prize. < p > < p > Meizu 17 Pro is the only high-end flagship of Meizu this year. The weak strength of this mobile phone can only compete with Xiaomi 10 and other mobile phones. Even in this case, ceramic materials are needed to attract users, and the sales volume can not be compared with mainstream flagship. The evaluation quantity of Jingdong is only 18000 +. < p > < p > Huawei has two mobile phones on the list, with glory 30 PRO + ranking the fourth. But the phone’s sales are low, with fewer than 10000 reviews for the 12 + 256gb version. < p > < p > glory 30 PRO + is a competitive mobile phone launched by Xiaomi 10 pro. It adopts a 6.57 inch dual hole AMOLED screen, supports 90hz refresh rate and screen fingerprint identification, and carries Kirin 990 5g processor, front 32 million pixels + 8 million pixels ultra wide angle dual camera, rear 50 million pixels imx700 + 16 million pixels super wide angle + 8 million pixels long focus three camera, built-in 4000mAh battery, supporting 40W wired + 27W wireless fast charging combination. < / P > < p > the main camera of super large cup is upgraded from imx600 to imx700. With more wireless charging, the price can also be upgraded from 4399 yuan to 4999 yuan. The price of 12 + 256gb version is as high as 5499 yuan. Why not buy Huawei P40 pro with better photo taking? For this reason, glory 30 PRO + is selling very well. < / P > < p > vivo nex3 is a high-end flagship of vivo, but also a failure, with low sales. The total number of reviews of all versions of oppo find X2 is only 12865, which is not as good as one plus eight. The number of reviews of one plus eight is as high as 140000, which is second only to Huawei mate 30 among the ten mobile phones on the list. < / P > < p > one plus 8 uses 6.55 inch E3 Samsung AMOLED screen, supports 90hz refresh rate, carries snapdragon 865 processor, front 16 megapixel AI self timer camera, rear 48 megapixel imx586 + 20 megapixel macro + 16 megapixel ultra wide angle, built-in 4300mah battery, supporting 30W fast charging. < p > < p > Huawei mate40 adopts a 6.62 inch small bangs full screen, supports screen fingerprint and air separation control screen, and is equipped with Kirin 990 5g processor, providing 8 + 128GB storage combination, front 24 megapixel single shot, rear 40 megapixel imx600 + 16 megapixel ultra wide angle + 8 megapixel long focus three camera combination, built-in 4200mah battery, supporting 40W wired + 27W wireless fast charging combination, with exclusive 5g version of Danxia orange and qingshandai. < p > < p > the reason why Huawei mate30 is popular is very simple. The price of Huawei mate30 Pro is too expensive, so we have to choose the standard version with lower price and no obvious shrinking configuration. < / P > < p > Xiaomi doesn’t have a mobile phone in the top 10, which is still surprising. Xiaomi 10 pro and Xiaomi 10 perform very well. Why are the reviews so low? Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer