In order to get the China pass, the United States chose to bow down and change its attitude towards China, but China refused directly

In order to get our country’s space pass, the United States actually “kowtow” to change its attitude towards our country, but it was directly rejected by China! No matter now or in the future, our people will always look forward to the vast sky, and of course every country in the world is no exception. After unremitting efforts of human beings, we have finally developed a spaceship, which has also been flying into space successfully. Finally understand that the sky is very shocking, and even the earth and the sky are relatively small. Compared with our human beings, it is even more remote. For the unexplored sky, we humans are naturally more curious, because this is the nature of human beings. It is precisely because of curiosity that we humans want to understand the mysteries of the universe. Especially for those countries, we want to go to other planets to see if there are any available resources. Almost every country in the world invests a lot of money and time in the field of space in order to reach the end of the universe one day. Many years ago, the scientific research level of our country was still in a very backward stage, but at this time, the United States has made various breakthroughs in the field of aerospace, and the United States is not willing to accept it. In order to explore the universe, many countries were invited to set up the international space station, but China was not invited. At that time, our country was relatively weak, and we had no choice but to do so. At that time, many countries led by the United States implemented a technical blockade on China. Especially in the field of aerospace, our country is willing to spend a lot of money to learn from them, but they also directly refused, and they do not want China to encounter technology in this field. At this time, our country also realized that we must be strong, so as not to be suppressed by other countries. After our country was bullied by many countries, China strengthened the research in this field, and invested a lot of money and talents to develop the space station. With the passage of time, our country has finally made a major breakthrough in the field of space, and finally successfully established a space station belonging to China, which is also the most advanced space station in the world. Compared with the space station developed by the United States, China is not a little stronger. After China has a space station, it becomes whether we want to go into space, not whether we can go into space. < p > < p > the United States is still more interested in space, but due to its lack of strength, it can only “kowtow” to seek China’s pass. However, our country has directly refused. How can the space station we have worked so hard to develop be enjoyed by others at will? What do you think of this, especially in the United States? Privacy Policy