In order to improve its competitiveness, Samsung reduced its price by 2400 yuan, and netizens defected one after another!

In the mobile phone market, Samsung and apple have always been in the same position, tit for tat brands. Samsung has the entire South Korean consumer as the support object, the popularity is high. Apple also ranks at the top of the mobile phone market with constant innovation and high popularity. In recent years, the two mobile phone brands have been competing with each other secretly to seize market resources. < / P > < p > as in previous years, this year’s Samsung note series of mobile phones still compete with Apple’s latest models. Samsung note 10 series is already very top-notch, and only iPhone 11 can be compared with it. Samsung note10, both in terms of performance and appearance, is very good, and has a foothold in comparison with the iPhone 11. Recently, with the arrival of the launch of the new Samsung note10, in order to continue to compete with apple, the market resources decided to compromise and reduce the price. This decision brought Samsung to the lowest level in history. According to the network news, Samsung note10 directly dropped from 6599 yuan to 4199 yuan, a direct drop of 2400 yuan. And Samsung’s price reduction compromise has also won a wave of heat and attention, I believe Samsung’s press conference in September will also grow in popularity. < / P > < p > Samsung has compromised to the market in terms of price, so what choices will netizens have in the face of Samsung’s price reduction? At present, most of the online reviews are directed at Samsung, and netizens have defected and decided to abandon iPhone 11 and move to Samsung note10. In terms of price, let’s take a look at the amazing things about the Samsung note10, which are worth buying. This price of nearly 4000 to buy a high-end configuration mobile phone, I believe many netizens are very happy. < / P > < p > first of all, we will estimate the Samsung note10 from the aspect of appearance. Although it has entered 2020, we believe that the Samsung note10 is still no better than other mobile phones. It is a flagship model with very high appearance. Its back fuselage has a gradual lighting effect. Under different lighting, it will show different colors, which is very luxurious and high-end. There is also a 6.3-inch super sensory display, which is amazing because it has a very high proportion of screens, and the visual effect limit is improved compared with the previous models. < / P > < p > in addition, Samsung note10 has specially added ultrasonic fingerprint, which makes the unlocking speed faster and more accurate. Even twins, sisters and brothers don’t want to turn on your mobile phone. The safety index is soaring. Samsung note10 also has HD 3-shot on the back of the body, so that your mobile phone can also shoot big movies. In terms of configuration, Samsung note10 is equipped with the high pass snapdragon 855 processor, and its pixel wide-angle camera has reached 12 million pixels, so this mobile phone can give you a very high experience whether playing games or taking photos. < p > < p > generally speaking, Samsung note10 is worth buying, but it also has its own shortcomings, that is, the battery capacity is too small, and the charging power is not large, so it is easy to have no electricity, and the charging speed is not fast, which may be inferior to the iPhone 11. However, no matter the appearance or the price, he has an absolute advantage, so netizens say that choosing Samsung also has its own reason. Do not know if some fruit powder will choose to abandon apple to buy Samsung? But overall, this Samsung is really good. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?