In rainy days, it’s saved in the later period!

Cloudy and foggy weather before rain is the best time to take emotional portraits. There is no dazzling sunlight at this time. The soft light in cloudy days can illuminate the face evenly, which can depict a very transparent and three-dimensional skin color effect.

but the gray sky and lack of sunlight sometimes make the photos appear dim. If the characters wear colorful props or clothes, they can add interest and focus to the photos.

raindrops can be seen everywhere in rainy days, which are also very good shooting objects. We can freeze the movement of raindrops through the high-speed shutter or shoot the raindrops at a slow shutter speed.

However, according to the specific analysis of the specific situation, the shooting of raindrops also depends on the falling speed of water droplets. You can try it between 1 / 200 and 1 / 500 seconds. If you are too slow or too fast, you can not capture the moment of falling. In addition, you can use the “continuous shooting” function to capture the continuous falling raindrops more easily.

if the speed of rain falling is relatively fast, the speed of 1 / 100s may produce very short raindrops, but the speed of 1 / 60s can capture very long raindrops. Of course, the shutter speed also depends on the size of the rain to determine, the rain falls more quickly.

umbrellas can create a starting point for your composition. Umbrellas will immediately attract the attention of the audience and attract your eyes to the scene, which is very useful for shooting busy street scenes.

another way to shoot umbrellas is from a high angle. Go to a higher vantage point, such as a bridge, and then look down and grab the person walking by with an umbrella.

this is the best time to shoot macro works with the effect of water droplets. We can take close-up of crystal clear water drops, water flowers with sharp angles, series of water drops arranged orderly, stories of water droplets and insects, etc…

when shooting plants with water droplets, we can reduce the exposure and avoid excessive exposure caused by the reflection of water droplets At the same time, dark exposure can enhance the sense of hierarchy of plants, which is also convenient for post-processing.

we can also use macro lens to shoot water droplets on objects such as plants or cars. The water droplets will reflect the picture with the background reversed, adding a sense of fantasy to the picture.

after the rain, a large number of water droplets will wash away the dust on the flowers, making the flowers look more colorful and delicate. We can use the black background to shoot flowers to capture the wonderful moment of raindrops falling on the flowers, making the picture more interesting.

first, find a bunch of plants suitable for shooting, and then prepare a tripod, a black cloth and a watering pot. Attach the phone to the tripod and place the black cloth behind the plant as the background.

turn on the professional mode in the mobile phone. According to the scene light, in the case of no exposure, try to increase the shutter speed and adjust the shutter speed. Here, 1 / 400s is used.

if there is not enough rain during shooting, you can use a direct watering pot to spray flowers. It is better to use countdown photography to make it easier for the camera to capture the moment when water drops on the plants.

on rainy days, the window glass is usually covered with water droplets. Whether it’s windows at home or office, coffee shop windows, bus stop Windows, or even car or bus windows, you can use them as the foreground of shooting.

when neon lights are flashing in the city at night, focusing on the rain drops to take photos can produce excellent color and defocus effect. This is a very practical shooting technique in rainy days, which is worth trying.

we usually need to pay attention to two points when shooting this subject matter. First, we put our hand close to the lens, select the focus at the fingertip, press and hold the focus to lock the focus / exposure, and the camera focal length is fixed. At this time, we will go near the window to shoot water droplets.

the second is to find the background light reasonably. It is recommended to take the street view, sunset, neon lights, color billboards as the background, so as to make the photos look more colorful.

the wet ground on rainy days is easy to reflect different light reflections. We can capture some great reflections in the street puddles or some objects in the water.

However, the reflection from normal perspective seems to be a little formal and lacks creativity. We can take the reflection in the water as the main body of shooting, take a complete reflection first, and then rotate the photo 180 degrees later, so that the reflection is on the top, and the real scene is below, showing a virtual world different from the reality.

the night after the rain is also a very good time for shooting. We can use the reflection formed by the waterlogged road surface to shoot, and the scene and shadow blend together to create a kind of Psychedelic visual effect.

after being washed by rain, the shapes and lights of buildings are reflected everywhere on the street surface, and the dust in the air is also taken away by the rain water. The street looks more transparent and bright.

don’t let go of any small water stall on the roadside railing after the rain. Turn the mobile phone upside down and let the lens close to the water surface to shoot a symmetrical combination of virtual and real images.

in a word, taking photos on rainy days can add a beautiful and moody feeling to our photos. Let’s take some mysterious, romantic and dramatic photos. It’s worth a try! Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia