In support of Huawei, Saudi Arabia, the oil Kingdom, signed a 10-year 5g contract with Huawei, and the US lobbied for another rollover

Due to the lobbying of the United States, many countries refused to cooperate with Huawei under the pressure of the United States in the name of security. After the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Vietnam and other countries have successively terminated the cooperation with Huawei. The United Kingdom promised the United States to dismantle all Huawei’s equipment before 2027. This also made Huawei’s global 5g road difficult, and foreign 5g market share was competitive Competitors such as Ericsson, Nokia and other 5g brands have nibbled at Ericsson. It is reported that Ericsson has 99 5g orders, surpassing Huawei.

Nevertheless, there are still many international choices to cooperate with Huawei. Recently, Saudi Arabia, a big oil country in the Middle East, signed a new 5g contract with Huawei, and the contract has a term of 10 years, that is to say, the cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Huawei will continue in the next 10 years.

first: Based on Huawei’s 5g technical strength, Huawei is currently the leader in the 5g field. Both equipment and technology are in a leading position, and there is no security back door and other worries. Moreover, the construction cost of 5g is relatively low. Although Saudi Arabia is a rich country, this money is not windy. Can we get the leading technology department by saving some money ?

second: at present, Huawei has many of the most advanced 5g technology patents. Without Huawei’s construction of 5g, Huawei’s 5g patents can’t be avoided. It’s better to cooperate with Huawei than to pay the patent fee later.

Third: Saudi Arabia is a big oil country, but it is also a big importer of chips. It imports a large number of chips every year. From this point, we can see that the oil Kingdom attaches great importance to the development of science and technology, and cooperation with Huawei will take the lead in 5g and do more with one stone.

fourth: Saudi Arabia is not a fool. If it follows the United States and refuses to cooperate with Huawei, the interests of Saudi Arabia and Huawei will be harmed; and the United States will ultimately benefit.

at present, although Huawei, under the heavy pressure of the United States, is struggling, it has won a large number of orders. I believe that after resisting these two years, Huawei will take off again.

Author: zmhuaxia