In the big Sanyuan lens to choose a shot of tourism scenery, how to decide

For tourism shooting, all three shots in big Sanyuan can be shot. They are neither special wide-angle nor special long focus. For specific people, specific scenes and personal shooting habits, they have different preferences and choices. To choose one of the three shots, the key is to confirm your own preferences and habits. < / P > < p > first, 16-35 lenses are suitable for “big scenery” shooting. The shooting features of this lens are wide field of vision and vast lake surface. However, if the shooting distance is relatively close, there will be “deformation” of large elements near the scene and small elements in the distance. There will also be some distortion and distortion in the upper, lower and left and right sides of the picture. There is no problem with pure natural scenery, but there will be obvious deformation and distortion when it comes to architectural elements. Although it can be done in the later stage But this change will remain. < / P > < p > Second, 24-70 lens is suitable for human activities and portrait shooting. The shooting distance of this lens is moderate, the shooting of human activity scenes is more convenient, and the deformation of the picture is not obvious. However, when shooting pure natural scenery, the “angle of view” will be less than 16-35; it can also take into account the shooting of human images, and the imaging effect is very good. Third, 70-200 lens is suitable for “small scenery” and portrait shooting. Due to the smaller angle of view, the picture will be smaller than the first two lenses. However, the advantage is that the space compression is obvious, and the distance is not too small. When shooting sunset and sunrise, the sun will be larger than the previous two lenses; it is also more ideal for portrait shooting. < / P > < p > each of the three lenses has its own characteristics and advantages. However, if you use the last two lenses to shoot scenery, you can also make up for the defect that the picture is not wide enough; the three lenses are different in size and weight, so you have to consider these characteristics comprehensively. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list