In the era of industrial Internet, do programmers need to change jobs after the age of 35

On the development of programmers after the age of 35, there are often different interpretations from different perspectives, but it is undeniable that the current programmers do have a short career life cycle. Whether programmers need to change their line after 35 years old, we need to consider from three aspects, one is their own knowledge structure and R & D ability; the other is their own resource integration ability; the third is the industry cognitive ability.

the knowledge structure and R & D ability of programmers have a direct impact on their career life cycle. At present, R & D level programmers often have a long career life cycle, so if programmers want to go further in the field of technology, they can choose the route of R & D level programmers. R & D level programmers usually need to have a solid foundation of basic disciplines, and have certain R & D methods and R & D capabilities. At present, R & D level programmers usually need to have a postgraduate degree. Therefore, it is a more realistic way for ordinary programmers to upgrade their posts through postgraduate education.

the resource integration of programmers involves the integration ability of technical resources. In the current era of cloud computing and big data, it is very important to expand their resource integration ability through various platforms. Platform based development, including the use of cloud computing platform, big data platform, Internet of things platform, artificial intelligence platform, will become an important development method in the era of industrial Internet. Through these platforms, the resource integration ability of programmers can be greatly improved.

industry cognitive ability also has a very important impact on the development of programmers. Industry cognitive ability will play a more obvious role in the era of industrial Internet. For programmers over 35 years old, whether they choose to develop in the field of technology or to move to management positions, industry cognitive ability is an important development foundation.

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Author: zmhuaxia