In the first half of 2020, 5g mobile phone inventory is not only easy to use, but also good-looking

It is more than half of 2020. Although the appearance of smart phones has been homogenized in the past two years, the appearance of many mobile phones is similar. But there are also a lot of high beauty phones. Among the mobile phones on the market this year, the recognized ones with high appearance and strong recognition are as follows:

although Samsung’s market share in the domestic market is getting lower and lower, the sales volume of high-end flagship is still quite good. This year’s Samsung S20 series is also very popular in the market, and the top equipped Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has won the favor of many high-end users.

on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is a 6.9-inch dynamic AMOLED infinity-o screen with a resolution of 2k and excellent display effect. In addition to its iconic curved screen appearance, it also places the front camera in the middle of the inside of the top of the screen. This year, most of the hole screen phones have front cameras on the left or right, which makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra very recognizable.

the back of the fuselage is also very distinctive. Three cameras and flashlights form a rectangle, and the telephoto lens is arranged separately. It has a main camera of 100 million pixels, a telephoto lens of 48 million pixels, and supports 10 times of mixed zoom and 100 times of digital zoom. It can be said that Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra has more or less affected the appearance design of many smart phones this year, and it also has a high degree of recognition.

the vivo mobile phone has always been selling on the appearance, and the vivo X50 pro, which was launched not long ago, is also very distinctive. There is a large size camera module on the back of it, one of which is a micro pan tilt lens. It draws lessons from the principle of professional camera pan tilt, and reduces it to the size that can be inserted into the mobile phone, so as to achieve a more stable anti shake function. Through this micro pan tilt camera, vivo X50 Pro can obtain a very stable video picture without the aid of auxiliary equipment when shooting motion video.

and the camera module of vivo X50 Pro also adopts the design concept of two-color cloud scale, and the camera module is divided into two layers, so as to reduce the sudden feeling brought by micro PTZ lens. This design also makes the vivo X50 Pro owner more recognizable.

most 5g mobile phones on the market this year are very heavy. This is because 5g features require higher power consumption, larger batteries and antenna layout. Many 5g mobile phones are thicker than 8mm and weigh more than 200g. In this case, the oppo reno4 pro with a thickness of only 7.6 mm and a weight of 172g is quite remarkable. Due to its lightweight and hyperbolic design, oppo reno4 Pro doesn’t look like a 5g mobile phone at all, and it has high recognition among mobile phones this year.

in addition, oppo reno4 Pro also adopts special crystal diamond technology to make Ag glass feel more delicate. It has two colors of crystal diamond blue and crystal diamond red. Due to the special technology, the real machine is more beautiful than the photos.

Yijia is a “small and beautiful” mobile phone manufacturer, and because there are only four or so products a year, it is more careful to polish the design. This year’s one plus eight Pro still retains the style of previous generations in the design of the fuselage. The camera modules are vertically arranged and located in the middle of the upper part of the fuselage. Because many of this year’s new machines use rectangular camera array, so a “regular” design like one plus 8 Pro is more recognizable.

the appearance features of Yijia 8 Pro are mainly in the color matching and process of the fuselage. Its blue color is very eye-catching, and the bright blue can easily attract the attention of others. At the same time, a special coating is used on the outside of the glass body, which makes it not as hard as glass, but has a touch on the skin. This process is also relatively rare in this year’s mobile phones.

as a relatively small brand, Meizu has always had its own characteristics in mobile phone design. The most obvious difference between Meizu 17 and other mobile phones this year is the white front panel. Although the proportion of the screen of the mobile phone is very high, the front panel is actually the area occupied by the border, but this unique design still makes this phone have a higher recognition. At the same time, the appearance of the rear camera is also very personalized.

and Meizu 17 also has a unique UI design. For example, a circular power design is added to the front camera to make the “hole digging” look less conspicuous.

generally speaking, due to the increasing proportion of screens in today’s smart phones, coupled with the popularity of curved screens, the front of most mobile phones looks similar. As a result, mobile phone manufacturers have begun to make articles on the back cover of the fuselage. The design of the camera and the technology of the back cover of the above-mentioned mobile phones are quite distinctive, which can be regarded as the models with high appearance and high recognition in the first half of this year.

Author: zmhuaxia