In the history of film, Tom will take a spaceship to shoot a film in space, and NASA promises to have an action in 2024

Those who like to watch action movies will never miss one of the greatest actors in the history of American film. Even many viewers can say with pride that they grew up watching him as a child. This sentence pattern can be said to have no violation on the 58 year old Tom. However, one of his favorite works is not his famous action movies, but a vampire movie adapted from the novel. < / P > < p > in the play, he plays a beautiful white and sick old vampire. He seizes the last trace of warmth in his life when he is wandering outside the world. He pursues his true love from the Middle Ages to the modern times, and is still immersed in the magic of the night. In fact, it is very rare for him to shoot such a rare magic theme movie in his career, but it is also the end of this film that completely cut off his mind of contacting similar works again. The original author of the novel has released countless good intentions and good wishes to the outside world in the film shooting process, but after the film works came out, he changed his painting style and said that he had destroyed his own works. It is really that the netizens who are not fans of the novel will not be able to watch it. < p > < p > since then, he has gone all the way to be a tough guy and a strong man. Now he has a solid muscle. He is never afraid of explosion and bungee jumping in real movies. He is not a real man with a stand in. He works very hard. The real name of Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. In 1962, he was born in New York, USA. his father was a circuit engineer in New York, and his mother was a school teacher. His family life was relatively poor, but he had a great impact on his tough guy style in his future career. < p > < p > in his early years, he was deeply influenced by religion, and always aspired to become a priest. However, he got involved in the musical performance in the school. Since then, his interest in performing arts completely overwhelmed his idea of dedicating his life to “God”, so he resolutely joined the local theater. In 1981, on the recommendation of agent Paula Wagner, he appeared in a feature film, playing the brave Sergeant David Shawn. < / P > < p > of course, after he finally became famous, he was still stuck in the quagmire of religion. Even this time, he put his hope on a religious organization named science Jiao, which would contribute money and energy and plunge into the muddy water forever. Fortunately, his own business ability was not affected. Even this year, foreign media have reported that Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and director Doug Riemann will go to space to shoot a new film in October 2021. < / P > < p > has Tom, who has already had all the “impossible tasks” on earth, finally stop being stuck in the ball of earth? If Tom and Doug do, it’s going to be another chapter in the history of film making? < / P > < p > according to relevant media reports, the film that Tom and Doug are about to work on is created by universal pictures, with a production cost of up to $200 million. Part of the project is to get these two of the most amazing people in the film and television industry on earth to work with NASA and Elon Musk. < / P > < p > let the actor, that is, Tom himself, take SpaceX’s Dragon spaceship 2 into space and go to the international space station to shoot films. As a result, Tom will become the first man in the history of mankind to go into space to shoot a movie. < / P > < p > for Tom, who always likes excitement, he will never refuse such a shooting task. Maybe someone else has been preparing from now on, doing a good job of checking and mending for the second page of “one small step for mankind and one big step for the earth”. It is said that there will also be action plays in this movie. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia