In the name of “game”, top configuration is not the only highlight. Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S hands-on experience

Mobile phone differentiation has been playing for many years, among which the most mature is game mobile phone. Various mobile phone manufacturers have launched their new products. In fact, Nokia released N-Gage in 2003, and Sony Ericsson also launched Xperia play in 2011. However, at that time, all aspects were not very mature. At this stage, whether it is the development of hardware or mobile games, it is obviously time for this category to “appear”! Nowadays, more and more game phones come into our view, such as Xiaomi’s black shark, Nubia’s red devil, ASUS Rog, Lenovo’s rescuer, etc. among them, black shark’s game phone should be the most eye-catching one at present. It not only has the powerful top configuration performance like other game phones, but also has Xiaomi MIUI The support of the system makes the experience more convenient. This is the place where similar products can be completely opened up, and Tencent is the blessing in terms of games. On July 31, black shark officially released its latest game phone: Black Shark game phone 3S! It’s been a while since I got this mobile phone. Today, I’d like to talk about my experience of using this mobile phone. < / P > < p > before the evaluation officially starts, let’s first solve your questions. What’s the difference between this black shark game phone 3S and the black shark game phone 3 released in March? First of all, the hardware upgrade of black shark game phone 3S is not big. After all, there are only more S. the processor still selects the high pass snapdragon 865 processor. The screen is also updated from 90hz to 120Hz, and the touch sampling rate is increased to 270Hz. The main upgrade is in the system and games. The system is upgraded to joyui 12 based on MIUI 12. It is not much to mention how convenient it is. The game functions have also been greatly enhanced, for example, gamesync game frame rate intelligent synchronization technology, hunting mode function, MEMC intelligent frame insertion 3.0 and so on. It can be said that the experience has been greatly enhanced. In fact, the appearance change is a new color matching, which brings the crystal blue color matching, and the e-sports feeling is really improved! < / P > < p > the basic performance of the game phone must be guaranteed. The hardware configuration of black shark game phone 3S should naturally conform to its positioning. The processor adopts the top-level Qualcomm snapdragon 865 dual-mode 5g chip, with 12gb lpddr5 memory and full-scale ufs3.1 storage. No matter what game you play, you don’t need to worry. Its built-in 47s battery is good, and the battery life of the black shark is only about 30 minutes, and it needs more than 30 minutes to charge. Black Shark game phone 3S has GPU acceleration function. The GPU frequency supports 670mhz, 725mhz and 905MHz settings. Therefore, the performance can be upgraded by adjusting the GPU frequency. At the same time, in order to have good heat dissipation, black shark game phone 3S covers the key heat source by two liquid cooling tubes, achieving the sandwich type three-dimensional liquid cooling cooling cooling effect. At the same time, the main board design of the central axis is adopted. When holding the mobile phone horizontally in the game, the area held by two hands can be farthest away from the heat source core area of the main board. Since it is a powerful hardware, we can’t help but look at the running points. The black shark game mobile phone 3S Antu rabbit rated 630000, and Master Lu 570000, which can be said to have reached the forefront of the major lists, which is definitely the level of the top flagship. < / P > < p > first of all, we will definitely test the national mobile game. First of all, we will adjust the picture quality to the highest level and select the high frame rate mode to test. Of course, the game has not been opened for 90 frames. Obviously, black shark game phone 3S does not need to worry about this game. There is no pressure on the full frame. The whole game is silky and smooth, with both touch and chirality. We directly through the mobile performance testing tool perfdog real-time detection frame rate, test 5, high frame rate mode frame rate is above 61.3 FPS! The highest FPS is 62.861.3 FPS. Even if the regiment is fighting, there will be no frame dropping. < / P > < p > the next test is the popular mobile game, and the frame rate test is also conducted. The black shark game mobile phone can be turned on to the limit of 90hz under the smooth picture quality. Measured in this mode, black shark game phone 3S frame rate is very stable, the whole experience is still very good, smooth control, the picture is also very delicate. After playing three games, the average frame rate is about 89.1 ~ 89.2. Except for the occasional small fluctuations, the frame rate curve is completely a straight line. < / P > < p > finally, let’s try again, because this game has taken the lead in adapting to one of the 120 frames of the game. According to the actual test, after playing 5 games, the black shark game mobile phone 3S can stably run above 112fps, and the highest is 118.3fps. The curve also has no big fluctuation, which can be said to be very good. < / P > < p > the game that can adapt to 120 frames benefited from the upgrading of 90 Hz screen to 120 Hz screen of black shark game mobile phone 3S, which adopts Samsung AMOLED screen, diamond pixel arrangement, 270Hz touch sampling rate and 17ms touch response speed, which is 30% higher than the previous generation. In addition, the pixelwork independent display chip can enhance the contrast, brightness and color range of the game screen, making the game screen more realistic. Black Shark 3S also adds MEMC intelligent frame insertion 3.0 function. Low frame rate video can be inserted up to 120 frames. When combined with a 120Hz screen, you can get better fluency when watching ordinary video. At the same time, it also supports the dual channel video frame insertion technology, which can realize intelligent frame insertion in bullet screen scenes such as station B, Tencent video, Youku and iqiyi, which has covered the video experience of the whole scene. Screen calibration is also very strict, which is missing in most game phones at present. Black Shark game phone 3S has delta E & lt; 1 color standard for each mobile phone, which is the best in the industry. In addition, with the display standard certification of hdr10 +, it is definitely the game phone with the strongest screen at present, and should also be the mobile phone with the best quality of flat screen. < / P > < p > of course, the hardware is a part of it. Many flagship mobile phones are also very good in hardware. The biggest difference between game phones is actually the optimization of games. This time, black shark game phone 3S has made great innovation in game control. First, it upgraded to screen pressure sense 4.0, and added intelligent pressure sensing mapping. Through image recognition algorithm, it can help novice pressure sensor to shoot and open the mirror in the intelligent adaptation mapping. It also supports somatosensory operation. The government provides six key settings, which are flip left / right, flip forward / backward, and tilt left / right. These key players can make free settings to give users more space to play. The voice operation function is also retained, which is more fresh in personal view. For example, we only need to call out the medicine and medicine when playing the game, and the medicine will be automatically injected. If we call out the hand grenade, we can switch the grenade, and we can also carry out the custom voice command. In the actual process of the game, there will be a little delay, but this function is not suitable for public use, after all, you need to speak to the mobile phone. < / P > < p > there are a lot of chicken eating users now. If you play chicken eating friends, you should know that the reverse color of iPhone can find Voldemort faster. This time black shark game mobile phone 3S has prepared the hunting mode for chicken eating users. After opening, you can quickly find “Voldemort” hiding in the grass. In addition, you can change and adjust the display effects in the game assistant, including hue, saturation, contrast, sharpness and dark enhancement, etc. < / P > < p > in addition, users don’t just play some competitive games, many users will play some long-term hanging games. Of course, black shark game mobile phone 3S also has attention. This time, the “game macro” function has been added. This function is very easy to understand. We can record an operation action, and then let the mobile phone automatically run this action. I think it’s very good. If you give full play to your creativity, it should be very playable. This time, the black shark game phone 3S also brought “free play projection screen”. Through a USB3.0 data cable, the two ends of the mobile phone and the computer can be connected. After the connection is successful, the game control of the mobile phone can be completed by using the keyboard and mouse. The game projection is high-definition display and 40 ms ultra-low delay, so eating chicken is no problem. The game is only part of the game. This time, the black shark game phone 3S adopts joyui 12 for daily use. In essence, it is a deep customized system based on MIUI 12. The system experience is very excellent, and the degree of use is far higher than that of similar mobile phones. < / P > < p > as a top-level game mobile phone, it can’t be forced to take photos. The black shark game phone 3S has a three shot combination of 64 million main camera + 12 million super wide angle + 5 million portrait lens. It supports super wide angle, super night scene and portrait mode, which is almost a parameter of sub flagship. I didn’t expect that the actual performance of the sample is still good. In the case of sufficient sunlight, the photos are rich in details, clear and sharp, and the color is more realistic. The daily records are fully satisfied. With the super wide angle mode, you can get a broader view, and the color of the sample is very close to that of the main camera. In addition, it also supports the night scene mode. The performance of the highlight part of the screen has been greatly improved. The highlight details are richer, and there is basically no noise. The picture is more pure, and the anti glare ability is also good. < / P > < p > finally, let’s talk about the appearance. The appearance of black shark game phone 3S follows the design of three generations, and still continues the design of black shark game phone 3 without bangs and holes, so as to ensure the screen visual experience without occlusion. Although the proportion of the screen is not high, it is also to ensure the wrong touch rate. There is no way! Black Shark mobile phone 3S double speakers are on the top of the front, usually the sound of shaking and watching movies can get good sound effect. When playing the game tiktok, the sound effect will not be affected by the blocking of speakers. The color of the new crystal blue is used in Fanfan’s hand. In this hot summer, the X element on the back of the fuselage is full of personality and sense of science and technology. With RGB lamp effect, it can create a stronger competition wind. The bottom is a magnetic charging port, which can give enough recognition to the market and let people recognize this product at a glance. < / P > < p > in general, black shark game phone 3S is definitely an excellent game phone, and the hardware parameters are not much to say, it is already the top configuration! For game users to use pain points also made a lot of creativity, such as: screen pressure, hunting mode, game macro, etc., can bring players a more perfect game experience. In order to optimize popular games more targeted, black shark through in-depth cooperation with Tencent, give full play to the hardware performance, at the same time, can also feel the advantages of many details in Tencent games. Of course, it’s not just a game phone, you can also use it as the main machine. After all, with the blessing of miui12, taking photos can also meet daily needs. If you like mobile games, want to buy a game phone, believe Black Shark game phone 3S is your best choice. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing