In the new 5g era, Huawei maimang 9 shoulders the banner of popularization

Although there are many twists and turns in 2020, the society is still forging ahead, 5g era is still quietly coming, and users are also ushering in a wave of machine replacement. So in this special time, how to choose a suitable mobile phone to enter the era of 5g?

I think more users may have some more pragmatic ideas, such as more favorable prices, more extreme performance, combined with 5g package will not increase a lot of fees, which will become the key issues to be considered. And Huawei’s maimang series has also launched its own new product, maimang 9, which can be said to provide a better choice for everyone.

in 5g era, the biggest feeling for ordinary users is the improvement of network speed, and the greatest benefit brought by the improvement of network speed is the improvement of various video entertainment effects. Internet speed can support higher definition images and more real-time live broadcasting. From this perspective, the improvement of entertainment effect can be said to be a key to make you feel the 5g era.

so one of the most advantageous designs of maimang 9 is the 6.8-inch super screen. The size of this screen is also among the first few machines released this year, second only to one or two products with a 7-inch large screen. The video entertainment experience brought by this large screen will obviously enlarge the 5g network speed advantage.

the 6.8-inch high-definition large screen of maimang 9 accounts for 90.33%, with a golden ratio of 20:9, which is amazing to watch. The newly upgraded super fast charging 22.5w combined with 4300mah large battery can effectively relieve the anxiety of endurance.

and this configuration is also very suitable for young people, such as students’ online classes, which can replace tablet. I think this may be a very practical point. After all, there are more and more online meetings and online classes. Many people need to configure their mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops, and spend a lot of money. A large screen mobile phone can save the cost of buying a tablet. Moreover, the advantages of mobile phones in terms of communication ability can let people take online classes or catch up with dramas anytime and anywhere.

5g communication is Huawei’s strong point. Huawei maimang 9 carries 5g SOC with 7Nm process and supports NSA / SA dual-mode six band all network communication. The frequency band coverage is very comprehensive: it supports N1 / n77 / N38 / n41 / N78 / N79 frequency band, which not only supports the old frequency band, but also covers the new frequency band in the future.

this not only ensures the communication ability of this mobile phone, but also ensures its service life. It will not fall behind in the popularization and upgrading of 5g in China for at least two or three years. It will not be unable to support the new frequency band. Even if you go abroad, it can cover most of the 5g signals overseas.

in the field of communication technology, maimang 9 also has many advanced technologies, such as MP link technology, which seamlessly switches WiFi data and mobile cellular data to ensure smooth communication in different scenarios.

in addition, maimang 9 reduces 5g power consumption and prolongs standby time by 30% through technical support. The four antenna SRS sky selection technology brings the theoretical peak download speed of up to 2.94gbps, and ensures the 2G / 3G to 4G / 5G switching in various scenarios, especially in elevator scenarios. In a word, which 5g signal is the best is Huawei.

compared with the previous generation products, maimang 9 has upgraded its highly praised camera system again. This time, it uses 64 million main camera three camera lens modules, including 64 million pixel f / 1.89 aperture flash main lens, 8 million pixel f / 2.2 aperture 120 ° ultra wide angle lens, 2 million pixel f / 2.4 aperture lens, with super night shot, fast capture, hardware level large aperture, EIS video defense Shake, 4K HD video shooting and other functions, combined with Huawei’s powerful photography technology, the photo effect presented has been greatly improved.

for a 5g popular version of the product, it can be said to be a very valuable part. After all, mobile phone shooting has become the most important part of mobile phone functions, especially with the advent of the video era, the demand for mobile phone shooting in addition to photos has also begun to increase. Maimang 9 is a good combination of photography and video, making this mobile phone a more versatile image Superman.

what we need to emphasize here is Huawei’s unique secret in photographing. For example, the ability of night shooting and the super sensitive ISO make Huawei mobile phones have a good reputation as night vision devices. This is also the result of the cooperation and integration of hardware and algorithms. Hand held night scene shooting allows more people to enjoy the beauty of taking photos at night, while the powerful anti shake ability and fast capture function make the scene of mobile phone photo taking more rich, especially suitable for children, pets and so on.

at the same time, Huawei maimang 9 has the ability of 4K 30 frame encoding and decoding, which can easily shoot 4K high-definition video. The EIS video anti shake also enables us to take videos for children and pets with ease.

in terms of self shooting, Huawei maimang 9 uses a 16 million high-definition camera, which has very good pixels, and has been specially enhanced in terms of beauty. The most powerful thing is that the front camera has also added night shooting function, so that you can perform better in the dark, which is also a leading algorithm in the industry.

in fact, Huawei has obvious advantages not only in high-end mobile phones, but also in popular products. This advantage is the advantage in software. Under the same configuration, Huawei series mobile phones have very strong advantages in terms of communication ability, photo taking ability and system ability, which can make these products have a stronger user experience and achieve a higher sex price ratio. This is the key to why Huawei maimang 9 is called the “pragmatic” choice.

in this price range, Huawei has provided a far better than average experience in the key functions of these 5g mobile phones. The standard emui 10.1 not only ensures the smooth system, but also provides unique functions such as smooth call, finger joint screen capture, Bluetooth easy connection, etc., which may also be the functions Huawei users are very familiar with and like.

in particular, Changlian can make video calls with Huawei’s various devices, such as TV, mobile phone and tablet. If your family uses Huawei products, it will be very convenient. For example, I often use TV and parents’ videos to let them see their children’s performance better. People who have used it know that this function is convenient and powerful.

Huawei’s maimang series has been famous for its high cost performance. What makes maimang 9 different is that it also carries the heavy task of upgrading from 4G to 5g, so it is more important at this time node.

it must be said that this mobile phone is really a 4G price and 5g experience. If you want to enter the 5g era in a very pragmatic way, it will obviously become the first choice of many people. Moreover, as a brand cooperating with China Telecom, maimang will enter the hands of consumers through more abundant channels. I believe that after listing, it will have a good performance.

5g doesn’t mean that it’s an expensive choice. Maimang 9 is a good product in its price range. If you happen to change your mobile phone and want to experience 5g speed, this product is worth considering.

Author: zmhuaxia