In the new infrastructure era of AI, why witness the “growth” power of five medical technology companies? |CCF-GAIR 2020

According to Lei Feng: from August 7 to August 9, 2020, the fifth global artificial intelligence and robot summit was officially held in Shenzhen. Sponsored by the Chinese computer society, jointly hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Lei, and co sponsored by Pengcheng laboratory and Shenzhen Institute of artificial intelligence and robotics, the summit is under the strong guidance of the Shenzhen municipal government. It aims to build a strong cross-border communication and cooperation platform in the field of artificial intelligence in China. It is the largest, highest specification and cross-border cooperation platform in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics in China The most extensive academic, industrial and investment event. < p > < p > the artificial intelligence circle in 2020 has accepted the baptism of the epidemic situation, and also ushered in the “new infrastructure” of the era once in a decade, which has given a new significance to the holding of ccf-gair 2020. < p > < p > Lei Feng launched the “2020 AI” before the opening of ccf-gair 2020 After nearly two months of registration and nomination, and one month of expert review, five awards were selected from 452 AI startups that were nominated and applied for the list, namely, the best product growth award, the best business growth award, the best barrier growth award, the best digital growth award, and the best new infrastructure growth award In the final evaluation, 60 representative AI enterprises with the most growth potential under the background of product capability, technical capability, commercial value, digital reform and new infrastructure are selected. The evaluation dimensions of the best product growth award include product form, technology, data, R & D and awards. The evaluation dimensions of the best business award include the types of commercial landing fields and the number of customers, the ability to solve commercial problems, the pre-sales service ability of the project, the evaluation index of after-sales customers, KA customers and annual cooperation amount, etc. The evaluation dimensions of the best barrier growth award include whether the core competitiveness is obvious, the field and degree of differentiation from competitors, the maturity of the chain of technology research and development and product sales, and the financing performance during the epidemic period. The evaluation dimensions of the best digital growth award include the number of digital leading fields and customers, the delivery strength of digital platform, the landing time cycle of leading fields, and the feedback of customer use effect. The evaluation dimensions of the best new infrastructure growth award include meeting the seven major industries of new infrastructure, conforming to the latest national strategy, mastering core key technologies, having actual delivery ability and certain industrial chain appeal power. Under the multi-dimensional assessment factors, five AI medical companies stand out: Runhe software won the best product growth award of “Ai + medical”, Keya medical won the best business growth award of “Ai + medical”, iFLYTEK medical won the best barrier growth award of “Ai + medical”, Siemens Medical won the best digital growth award of “Ai + medical”, and won the most award of “Ai + medical” Jiaxin infrastructure growth award is Shenrui medical. Jiangsu Runhe Software Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem in 2012. It is a leading industry solution and comprehensive service provider in China. < / P > < p > the company’s main business covers financial technology and Internet of things, and has established a complete one-stop comprehensive service system of “pre research → design → development → test → delivery”. It has the ability of global technology integration and service arrival, and can provide comprehensive, instant, efficient and cutting-edge comprehensive technology services based on business digital solutions for customers. < p > < p > at the beginning of this year, in response to the new epidemic situation, Runhe software independently developed an intelligent temperature measurement device – hihope AI infrared thermometer uses dual light artificial intelligent camera to measure temperature and collect face image. With the help of super powerful computing power module, it can realize face detection, recognition and other functions. The edge server records and backs up the face image and temperature, so as to realize the rapid detection of human body temperature. < / P > < p > in addition, Runhe software has donated more than 100 sets of infrared thermometers, covering a variety of application scenarios such as hospitals, schools, subway stations, communities and other crowded public places. < p > < p > in the field of Internet of things, Runhe software takes AI chip as the center, comprehensively integrates computing power, algorithms and scenarios, and introduces hihope, a chip stack solution platform, to develop AI open source business and service market, build a wide range of open ecosystem, and help the industry quickly realize AI landing. Established in January 2016, Keya medical group is the world’s leading technology-based artificial intelligence medical service provider. It focuses on the application of big data and artificial intelligence technology in the medical field, and has core technologies in machine learning, medical image analysis, natural language processing, gene information analysis, etc. < / P > < p > as the first domestic AI medical imaging enterprise with triple certification of China nmpa, EU CE and US FDA, Keya medical always adheres to the enterprise concept of “based on clinical real needs and improving medical intelligent application”, enabling clinical application scenarios with AI technology to provide accurate medical services for patients, medical institutions and life science research institutions. < p > < p > in January 2020, the innovative ct-ffr product “coronary flow reserve score calculation software” independently developed by Keya Medical Co., Ltd. passed the approval of the State Drug Administration, becoming the first class III medical device to obtain national certification by applying artificial intelligence technology, which promotes the medical AI industry from product verification to market value verification. < / P > < p > DPF combines the technical advantages of CTA noninvasive examination and FFR function evaluation, and utilizes a number of deep learning technologies independently developed by Keya medical, and based on the CTA images of the examiners, it can efficiently and accurately calculate the FFR value of each point in the whole vascular tree path, and quickly provide the quantitative detection results needed by clinical, so as to evaluate the functional ischemia of the suspected coronary heart disease population Provide noninvasive detection methods. < / P > < p > at present, Keya medical has achieved commercial application in more than 20 provinces in China, more than 200 large-scale tertiary hospitals have been established, and nearly 100 artificial intelligence diagnosis centers have been jointly built. In addition, Keya medical has reached strategic cooperation with several large image center groups in North America, PACS system providers and information enterprises, with a view to pushing the products to the international market as soon as possible. < p > < p > since its establishment in 2016, iFLYTEK medical adheres to “serving healthy China with artificial intelligence”, and is committed to the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and medical industry, creating a new blue ocean of artificial intelligence and medical treatment, promoting the development of health care industry and helping the implementation of national health care reform policies. Through the construction of three product systems of smart hospital, intelligent medical assistant and intelligent online medical platform, the work efficiency and service ability of medical staff are improved, and high-quality medical resources are fair and accessible. < / P > < p > the representative product of iFLYTEK medical, “intelligent medical assistant”, applies the technologies of medical cognitive intelligence, medical reasoning and knowledge mapping, which have passed the national licensing examination, to the process of primary medical and health services, so as to construct the application of artificial intelligence suitable for the grassroots. On the premise of not changing the doctor’s work process and habits, the intelligent medical assistant provides auxiliary consultation, auxiliary diagnosis and treatment, medication advice, intelligent follow-up, chronic disease management, epidemic prevention and control services for grass-roots doctors. < / P > < p > in addition, the intelligent medical assistant can provide real-time quality inspection services in the whole process of primary diagnosis and treatment, help doctors standardize diagnosis and treatment behavior, and reduce the risk of diagnosis and treatment. In the process of medical record writing, provide standardized quality inspection service of medical records, assist doctors to improve and standardize medical records; when the doctor’s diagnosis results are inconsistent with the system recommendations, risk audit is conducted through the audit platform in time to build a closed-loop diagnosis and treatment service for critical diseases / major infectious diseases at the grass-roots level; when there are risks in drug prescriptions, audit quality inspection is provided for grass-roots medication suitability to avoid medication risk. At present, intelligent medical assistants have been applied in more than 14000 primary medical institutions in more than 100 districts and counties in China, serving more than 30000 primary doctors, benefiting more than 50 million residents, and providing more than 300000 auxiliary diagnosis suggestions every day, which effectively improves the level of diagnosis and treatment services at the grassroots level. < p > < p > since 1990, Siemens has applied artificial intelligence to equipment imaging. Siemens Healthcare has long-term experience in the field of AI, and has more than 600 series patents related to machine learning, of which more than 200 are related to deep learning. < / P > < p > in the field of digital medicine, Siemens Healthcare invests 1.3 billion euro in R & D every year. The digital medical ecosystem is one of the key points of Siemens Healthcare in the future, and teamplay is the epitome of Siemens Medical digital strategy. < p > < p > based on cloud based big data platform and ecosystem teamplay, Siemens Medical can help medical institutions quickly and efficiently collect and analyze massive data generated by imaging equipment, so as to optimize the operation efficiency of imaging equipment and improve clinical and financial performance. < p > < p > Chen Lifeng, director of digital medical in China of Siemens Healthcare, said that teamplay digital medical platform can enable digital transformation, and Siemens AI rad Companion can minimize the repetitive tasks in clinical work, improve the diagnostic accuracy, and help doctors make accurate judgments in the whole process of patient diagnosis and treatment, including medical records, disposal, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis management and other nodes. < p > < p > founded in March 2017, Shenrui medical is committed to providing AI and internet medical solutions for various medical service institutions at home and abroad through the breakthrough “deep learning” technology of artificial intelligence and self-developed core algorithms. < / P > < p > from the application level, Shenrui medical takes deep learning technology and self-developed artificial intelligence algorithm as the core, continuously expands the innovative application of AI in the medical field, and constructs a product matrix including AI medical auxiliary diagnosis, intelligent image cloud, intelligent scientific research and intelligent equipment, and its flagship products Dr.Wise AI medical auxiliary diagnosis system covers the fields of nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, motor system, women care, children care and other fields, and has been applied in more than 400 hospitals in China. < / P > < p > at present, Shenrui medical has the ability to develop full stack of intelligent medical solutions, which can provide rich and complete AI medical products and solutions for the construction of “new infrastructure” in the medical field, and has undertaken a number of key national R & D programs and major scientific research projects in many provinces and cities in China. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak,

launched the new product on the basis of its existing lung products. Dr.Wise The AI system was donated to Wuhan huoshenshan hospital and Wuhan Ninth Hospital respectively, and was applied in more than 40 local hospitals in Hubei Province and more than 200 hospitals in China. In 2020, Shenzhen Rui Medical Co., Ltd. performed well in the “evaluation of pneumonia AI imaging aided diagnosis products” under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology. < / P > < p > in the context of new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, as a strategic technology leading the future, has become a new engine for the construction and development of intelligent medicine. Constantly exploring the application scenarios and innovative applications of artificial intelligence in the medical field has become the key to the implementation of artificial intelligence. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year