In the second half of this year, we will release four top flagship, mate40, iPhone 12 and Xiaomi Super Cup

As for the first half of the year, the number of high-end flagship is almost the same, and there may be some differences in the second half of the year. The number of high-end flagship in the first half of the year is indeed quite large. Each family has at least several mobile phones in a series, and there are many similarities between them. Because 5g broke out in the first half of the year, the number and types of mobile phones are in full bloom. But in the second half of the year, with the iPhone also releasing its own 5g flagship, this is no longer the internal competition of Android, but the battle between Android and apple.

in fact, since June, there have been more and more news about various 5g high-end flagship to be released in the second half of the year. The iPhone 12 should be the most vocal and the most concerned. Apple mobile phones lag behind the layout of Android 5g, so people have high expectations for Apple’s first 5g mobile phone. In addition, Huawei mate40 series has the highest voice in Android. Besides Huawei, Samsung note20 series and Xiaomi’s Super Cup are quite right. Let’s have a look.

the first model is the iPhone 12, and the news about this mobile phone has been constant during this period. Since the second generation of iPhone se was released, all kinds of breaking news of iPhone 12 have come. With the development of time, the news is more accurate now. The first is that the iPhone 12 is still designed with Liu Haiping screen, and it is a series of four machines. The configuration price is gradually rising. These four mobile phones will support dual-mode 5g, carry A14 processor and adopt snapdragon X60 architecture. In addition, this year’s iPhone 12 will no longer be free of headphones and chargers, which is also for better sales of airpods, but never mind, the iPhone 12 is quite good.

the second one is Huawei mate40 series, which is also the key to Android system. Huawei mate 40 has a very good voice, and a large part of the reason is Kirin 1020. Kirin 1020 will be the second 5nm chip in addition to A14 in the second half of the year, with performance improvement of at least 50% compared with Kirin 990. In addition, due to the sanctions and crackdowns on Huawei by the United States, the supply of chips has been cut off, so the quantity of Kirin 1020 is not large, which once again makes people more expect Huawei mate 40. In addition, Huawei mate 40 will also be equipped with 66W super fast charging, which is a big improvement in Huawei’s endurance.

the third one is Samsung note20. Samsung mobile phone is the leading leader in the mobile phone industry. Almost all configurations in the mobile phone industry are involved, and the strength is good. From the screen to the lens, to the processor, Samsung has become a world leader, which also laid the foundation for Samsung to win the first place in the mobile phone industry. Although there seems to be nothing to show off in the configuration of the Samsung note20, the processor will adopt the snapdragon 865 plus, and the screen is also a 2K + 120Hz screen. There is no specific information on the other configuration. This phone will be released on August 5.

the last one is Xiaomi 10 super large cup. This mobile phone is also Xiaomi’s strongest flagship in the second half of the year. Recently, Lei Jun has repeatedly hinted that this mobile phone is coming. Xiaomi 10 super large cup will adopt Samsung AMOLED screen, support 120Hz screen refresh rate, camera will also have some improvement, support 120 times zoom, endurance also support 120W super fast charge, three 120 to build this millet strongest flagship.

Author: zmhuaxia